How many gallons per 1,000 with your spray rig?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by bcg, Feb 6, 2014.

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    If you are getting small droplets--they are prone to drift. I suggest use a nozzle with larger holes (like the green one) and reduce your pressure--until you get about 4 gallons per minute.
    Walking 2 miles per hour with a 7 foot wide swath would give you 1232 sqft per minute.

    Walking at 2.2 miles per hour with a seven foot swath would cover 1355 sqft per minute. At 4 gals per min you would apply 2.95 gallons per thousand sqft.
    Naturally, you have to overlap your swaths slightly to assure full coverage of the edges. Nevertheless measure your swath center to center.
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    There is slight misting only when I first pull the trigger, once the pressure settles in it's steady streams.

    I measured out a 500 sq/ft area (20 x 25) in my parking lot and timed myself spraying it twice to come up with my time. It worked well because I could see that the coverage was even and I marked the corners of it with paint so I can re-use it later for employee's or to re-verify my speed.
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    I am new to the spraying world, and am thankful for all of the info. I am confused regarding the carrier rates. What determines what your rate is? Is it just how fast you can walk a yard? I am so sorry about how stupid this question may sound, but one way for me to become un-stupid is to ask.:usflag:
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    I took the classes and received my applicators license, and I am still confused on this. Grrrrr. I don't recall this part...if they covered it.
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    This is why I use equipment that applies a fixed volume per acre at a fixed swath. All I have to do is walk with it at a steady pace. What determines the rate is what your target is and what you are applying. If it is straight fertilizer, the more water the better. Straight iron, 1 gallon per 1000 applied in such a way that it clings to the leaves. Preemergent herbicides are not that picky as long as they evenly cover the area. Postemergents need 1/4-1 gallon per 1000 applied so that it clings to the leaves and totally covers.
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    Thanks for that Green Doctor. I was really good at math, perhaps this is not as simple. :usflag:
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    The amount of carrier rate which is expressed in amount per acre or 1000 SF. The amount you use will depend the product, situation, equipment and to some degree personal preference. The product will give you a range which sometimes can vary greatly. For instance I apply most herbicides at 1/3 to 1 gallon of water per 1000 SF. I know it is confusing but at some point it will make sense. Might go to the teejet website and do some reading.
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    What makes it hard is not using equipment capable of applying a fixed swath, pressure regulation, and ability to fine tune droplet size, as well as volume. I do not swing a gun. Everything goes through a boom, a hand held boom or else a single tip on a wand.
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    I find that you can get a very consistent and repeatable swath with standard lawn application guns if you practice your technique enough. Using a boom (multi-nozzle or single nozzle) doesn't totally take away swath variability. Several factors influence nozzle effective swath, one of which is height. If you're using human hands and arms to hold your boom, you're going to have to practice your technique to hold it at the right height all the time, just like you will have to practice using your lawn gun.

    Is the boom more accurate than the lawn gun? NO! It's just slightly more idiot proof.
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    Idiot proof is what I'm going for. :jester:

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