How many geraniums?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by eruuska, Jan 20, 2006.

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    I've got a potential commercial maintenance client that also wants me to quote on planting geraniums in their beds. I stopped by the local nursery and they had no idea how much the geraniums were going to be this year, and I haven't a clue how many to plant.

    The beds in question total about 750 sq ft, and I don't want to skimp on the flowers. Any ideas on how many geraniums I should propose? And any ballparks as to cost?

  2. Jason Rose

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    I would say plant them 12 to 16 inches apart. As for using geraniums in a large bed like that it might not look that great. Since they need constant "dead-heading" I feel that geraniums make better container plants than bed plants. I wouldn't want a bed full of them either way... Some incorperated with other annuals planted in masses would be the better design way to go.

    There are many many varietys and colors of geraniums! The less expensive way to go is the seed grown varieties. They aren't as big of a plant and don't have as large a flower head as the vegatitave types but are generally 1/3 the cost. Prepare to pay 4 to 5 dollars a plant for 4 to 4.5" pot vegatitave varieties. Double that for 6".
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    Thanks, Jason. I finally got my nursery person to "guesstimate" the price of a 4" geranium at about $4.00 each, maybe a little higher, so it sounds like you're right on the money. I'm figuring on planting about 75 in about 115 linear feet of beds.

    As to the choice of flower, the potential client stated that the red geranium was the "company flower", so I didn't argue. And frankly, I'm not that adept at choosing plants yet. I'm concentrating on building my maintenance end, then plan on developing my landscape design capabilities.

    Thanks for the help!
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    Cutworms love Geraniums.Be sure to include pesticide apps in the maintenance bid.
  5. Az Gardener

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    Try to find a grower there, I think you are buying at a retail nursery and possibly getting a contractor break. I buy from a grower here and can get 1-G geraniums for 2.25 You have some time so do some searching. Also plant with bone meal or triple phosphate you might also add some Osmicote slow release fert. Plan on an every 2-3 week application of a blooming fertilizer to keep them pumping. To estimate ongoing maint plan on spending a minute per 2-3 plants to deadhead every two weeks. It will take longer as the plants get bigger. We don't have any pest problems here but everywhere is different. Flowers are very profitable, and if your flowers look great you will attract attention. If the client balks at the ongoing expense you may consider using some of your advertising budget on this bed if its in a high profile area. Probably would yield more work than fliers.
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    AZ is right.... Find a grower and buy one gallon or 6 inch ZONAL geraniums.

    I'd space on about 18 inch centers. Osmicote 14-14-14 / 9 month formula with minors would be good.

    It's their "company flower"....let 'em pay for Zonals. The seed types have improved over the years, but they still don't provide the POW of zonals.

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