How many have EFI Kohler 26HP ?? Would you do it again ?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TOOMUCHWALKING, Jun 12, 2007.


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    Well , it worked really well for six years . Now it's D.O.A. What parts have your machines consumed ? Sorry if this is the wrong thread...

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    Is this the same EFI system as they have on Harleys ?
  3. tallimeca

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    They use a Bosch EFI System.

    I'll be honest with you, I know there have been alot of complaints on this motor..........mainly most popular on Walker MTGHS models, however, for the ones i've service, they have held up pretty good.

    For whatever reason, one customer I have who runs 4 machines, usually got about 1200-1500 out of the regular 25 hp units. He has 2 machines with 2k hours on it still running strong.

    Only problems on the EFI's.........O2 sensors will go eventually, which is an easy fix. But fuel pumps will fail and funky things happen if you run them out of gas. Starts throwing funky codes and can suck up debris into the pickup hose and get clogged and float around and then the machine will stall and start running funky. It can go days before it does it again.

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    So if the machine starts fine once and then won't restart , what do you look at ? Already replaced oxygen sensor , ignition switch ,OPC relay . 150 PSI in both holes .
  5. MOW ED

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    I have two 26efis. One is a 2000 model in the Walker GHS with 1600 hours and still running strong. I figured out a problem with the fuel pickup hose in the tank. It got to a certain level and started sucking air. They don't like air. Other than that it was a warranty issue on the fuel pump with about 200 hours on it. They have since re designed the fuel pump. I have had zero problems otherwise with that motor.
    I also have a 2003 with about 400 hours on it. It is on a toro 62 z and its trouble free. Just as a side note I have a 20hp on a 44" toro wb and it uses as much if not more fuel that a 26 so in answer to your question, yes I would buy another one without hesitation. I will just say one more thing, my first commercial engine was a 98 25hp Kohler. You could not even GIVE me a mower with this anchor on it. I know my feeling may be irrational and I know how you feel when something is giving you fits. The 25 was a nightmare for me at a very bad time of my new commercial existence. I had som much downtime from that I had to buy a backup wb and I am a solo operator. Good luck in solving your issues.

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