How many have " Good " customers?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Rons Rightway Lawncare, Sep 27, 2006.

  1. Rons Rightway Lawncare

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    Someone else brought it up in a different thread, that there is alot of bitching here about bad customers, but not much mention of the good customers. I have a few good customers.... Ones that offer something to drink if it is hot outside, Some that have sent me home with cake or snacks or even toys and clothes for my little boy that their kids grew out of..... Heck at Christmas time I have several customers that send me a card, usually with a giftcard to Target or someplace to eat or just plain cash.

    Alot of my business is from referals thanks to these customers. I haven't gone out to put out fliers since 2002 and I have been able to maintain a steady customer base of around 60 clients, even though I lose one or two here and there due to various reasons... I seem to replace them just about as quick due to my customers bragging on me to their friends and neighbors!
  2. Sandgropher

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    If you buy a good business you may find you have a lot of good customers as the bad ones have been dumped, if you start from scratch you have to sort the chaff from the wheat i find (have done both ways):)

    I have one in the morning where i get brekkie (toasted sandwiches and coffee) then later at morning tea i mow her sons (she unlocks the gate there) and i get more food and coffee :)
  3. MarkintheGarden

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    If they pay the invoices they are good customers.
    Many of my customers have gone way beyond paying the bills, they have made the effort to make a personal connection with me and my crew. Many of my customers I call friends because we socialize, have mutual friends and are part of the community that we live in.

    Many of my customers have given me things such as fresh produce used garden equipment and supplies, and most of all cold soda or gatorade.

    Where would we be without our customers?
  4. petekief

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    i think our customer base may reflect our business practices - - - look at bobbyged?!?!?!?
  5. 1MajorTom

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    It's all a numbers game. I could probably post 15 different threads talking about bad or crazy customers, but if I did, people would "gasp", and think we are either a. making up stories, or b. mistreating our customers.. however, that small fraction of looney customers no where near covers the HUNDREDS of great customers we have had over the years, some unfortunately have passed on, some sent to nursing homes, etc..... If i start a thread about how a customer gives us milk and cookies, no one really cares.. but if I start a thread about how a senile old man came out of the house with a toy rifle thingiemabob saying "get off my property" (yes, that has happened) people can RELATE.. cause EVERYONE has had a nutty customer at one time or another.
  6. daveintoledo

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    many many good coustomers,l jsut a couple bad one, drinks, garden produce, christmas cards and gifts, and a few who add a tip to the bill every month....:usflag:
  7. topsites

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    I do agree, it is the reason I've smoothed things over time as I realized that playing the hardball game would and could eventually result in something far beyond my wildest dreams, and I didn't want that.

    But over the years I've become a different Lco...
    So as for drinks and snacks and inviting me inside the house, I'm the owner of the business that provides a service to you, and nothing else... This has stopped a lot of the time-wasting bs and I've developed a customer base that I usually almost never see. There are a few whom I still see most every time, and one or two like to chit chat but even that has come down to '5 minutes is all we got,' as I am very busy now and will be busier than ever soon as I pay for the chunk of a loan I just took.

    I get one every once in a bit, decides to push my rules. Not a good idea, I will take them right back off the schedule, I am not playing games with these folks anymore.

    And it is so, that AFAIK, I have 99.9% good customers in my base.
    It would be 100% but nobody's perfect lol.
  8. dlm17

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    i dont mean to ruffle anyones feathers but i just dont understand all the bitching and the i cant waste time maybe im older than most of you but i stay very busy and i make good money and i chat with my customers and change lightbulbs and kill spiders etc. and i dont charge for those little extras so how come there are so many of you that are on such a tight schedule you cant take the time to relax
  9. stuffdeer

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    I have 15 customers.

    About 5 hand deliever their checks to my hand every month.
  10. Grits

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    This is a deeper post than most will realize. Exactly what the world needs.

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