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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by shovelracer, Jun 20, 2008.

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    OK its 5:45 and I should have walked out the door 5 minutes ago. Probably wont get home till 7PM, monday through thursday it is 8:30-9. After loosing all my employees and not being able to find a suitable replacement Ive been solo. So far it has saved me thousands, but at what cost. I work around 70 hours a week. I dont plan on doing this forever, but while I can, I want to pad the pocket a little. I see a lot of guys on here claiming 7 hour days like that is too much. Granted I have been doing these accounts a long time, and my efficiency is up in the high 90 percentile, but how many hours are you guys working each day or week? The way I see it I work like this in the summer, but dont have to get a second job in the winter so Im always home when my wife gets off work. Not trying to say anything, just curious how many else are in my boat or have been, etc. Have a good day!
  2. Here in farm country there's a phrase that "You make hay when the sun shines."
    I'm just starting to work fewer than sevn days a week. Though my hours aren't typically as long as yours. Usually around 8 hours per day.
    Yesterday was a longer day, 12 hours laying mulch. I kidded my son saying we could have worked like people used to, from daylight till dark. Yesterday was about the longest day of the year, about 17 hours of daylight!

    It's been a strange year. Even though it's been exceptionally wet, we've not had to work in the rain, except for a few sprinkles. It's been like if I have a breakdown it's been on a rain day. Or maybe I'm finally getting better at juggling schedules. I'm 61 and have been doing this for 30 years.

    I work this hard so I can spend winters in Florida. People ask if I plow snow. I answer "NO! Heck No! The truth is I live south of the snow belt and it's just not profitable to try to plow snow here, I've seen too many people try it and fail.
    I had a customer say he had to pay $8,000 last year for snow removal. Kind of hinting I should provide snow removal. Nope, not me. Last year three snows, this year there'll be none. I'm out of here in November. I'll give them a nice referral though. There's no shortage of people trying snow removal here.
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    im not in your boat, but i just bought one! i often wonder if i lose my help how many hours id have to work. we average about 85-90 lawns a week. i used to work a full time job (with constant order ins) and still work full time doing my lawns so i can relate. im not quiet sure how i did it, i was a zombie, but i guess when push comes to shove we get the job done
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    sometimes you just have to turn done work i work about 50 hours a week depending on jobs i get ...i dont take breaks or luch stops so the days go by pretty fast...i dont mind working 50 60 hours a week spring -fall if i dont work all winter
  5. Charles

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    Having winter off sucks though. I hate cold weather. The only way would be if you could go off to South Florida. I don't mind working long hours during the week but the weekends are for enjoying outdoor summer activities. Life is just to short to sacrifice fun in the sun:) Now, I do still spend a lot of time checking on LS and PS during the weekend.
    Right now there is not much to cut here. So dry it's pathetic. I haven't cut many this week.
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    We work from 8 to normaly no later than 2pm 5 days a week and cut 80 residentials. So for me its about 25 to 30 hours a week.

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    Since mid March me and my one employee have been working Monday through Saturday 7-8 (sometimes a little earlier, sometimes later). We have one part time guy coming in once a week also and like 3 guys for bigger mulch jobs. We've worked through the heat, cold,and rain. That reminds me, I should start thinking about a raise or a bonus for my worker. I'm in the office and trying to relax on Sunday. I just cant keep up. We're finally getting close to evening out and slowing down a little bit. That is until leaf season. I started turning down work about a month ago, but it's hard to turn it down when you are trying to expand your company. Shovelracer- I feel your pain.
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    I work 12to 14 hours during the week per day Sat - Sun usually 8 on those days.......

    Fellers Im TIRED
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    Yeah ...

    Been there, done that.

    I felt I lost a lot more than meets the eye in that compromise...
    I didn't think the money was that much better.
    I always felt like I had to work twice as hard for about 20% more actual income.
    It's like, work 40 hours and take home $400, or work 80 and take home almost 5...
    And I just got real tired of it.

    Now I might work 4-6 hours a day, 4-5 days a week, if and when I feel like it.
    The benefits in terms of less bending over backwards and less busting my tail for peanuts is worth it to me.
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    Me Too. Went back solo this year. Usually am on lawns before 6:30 and not back to the shop (luckily its by my house) until 6:30/7:30 at night. was raining alot this spring and was working around 6 am to 8 at night and most of the weekends. Get in the house eat supper, see the kid to bed then back out to the shop to service. And its raining right now (thats why I am on here) so I guess I will be working all weekend again;)
    I am going to be 40 this year, so I figure I got a few more years like this then I will start tapering back or go back to working with employees, just not sure yet.

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