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sometimes it seems that people on this website do a lot of talking about their machines, i was wondering if people put enough hours on their machines and use them hard enough to be credible in what they are saying. we run our bobcat machines about 1000 hours a year and run them somewhere between 7,000-10,000 hours before we trade them. we have very good luck with bobcat currently we have an s185. they hardly get any maintainence; we grease it about every 100 to 150 hours, change the oil about every 500 hours, rarely change any other fluids, never let it warm up before using it and start it unaided right down to -15 degrees F. basically we are very hard on our bobcats, pay little attention to them, and have very few problems with them. we run every day in all conditions, a lot of sand, manure past the axles, we even use it as a jackhammer sometimes. is this anything like any other people here use their skids?

so the one problem i have with our bobcat is that when you spend 1000 hours a year in it, the standard hand and foot controls get old. i would like to switch to the iso pattern but am not sure which way to go. i would like to get a bobcat with joystick contols, but i highly doubt they will last 10,000 hours without problems like our current controls do. so it seems that deer, cat, and nh are all running electro hydraulic controls on their new skids. this has me interested in case cuz they still have the takeuchi style pilot fully hydraulic (no electronics) control system which should be more reliable and trouble free. is there anyone who has operated all of these skids who has any input on the controls? it seems that people with their iso controls think they have the same amount of control as people with standard skid controls like bobcat. are my expectations too high as to what i expect out of a control system? because with a pilot system you are going to have the lag time because you have the separate oil lines and valving for the pilots. so it seems like it would be an impossibility for a pilot machine to keep up to me with mechanical controls. i have seen a number of people brag up their pilots, but as soon as i see them operate their skid i just laugh cuz i could run circles around them. then there is the electronic controls, if they designed these controls to be hyper responsive i could see them being able to keep up to manual controls maybe, but it seems that most manufacturers tame them a little so inexperienced operators can run them easier. well basically, i am willing to sacrifice a little machine control for the easier drivability, but people who claim they can keep up to a manually controlled machine bother me, i just don't think most people expect what i do. well it would be nice to hear what people think about what i just wrote.
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