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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by WEEDEATER, Jun 4, 2003.


    WEEDEATER LawnSite Member
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    How many hours should you expect on a Kolher motor? Would you replace the mower at the end of the motors live or invest in rebuilding the motor?
  2. KenH

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    I have 2500 on my 22HP Kohler Command. Knock on wood, still going strong.
  3. bob

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    A recent article in a lawn magazine said, for gas engines the life expectency is 100 hours per horse power. And a diesel was 125 hours per horse power.
  4. Richard Martin

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    A well maintained Kohler 25 should last around 3000 hours. 4000 on a Dixie Chopper.

    I would replace the engine if it wore out rather than rebuilding it.

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