How many hours should tires last?

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  1. Toro 455

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    Think about it. If foam filled tires were such a great idea every manufacturer would stock them on their mower. I wouldn't even put them on a sid steer loader. Even though you can buy solid tires for a loader I wouldn't want them.

    Filled tires have more weight on the perimiter of the wheel. So evey time you change speed or direction it puts an extra load on the "transmission" which on a ZTR is a couple of hydraulic motors.
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    It's foam, not concrete. They don't fill them with foam because it costs money.

    They are hydros with would be like saying climbing hills should be avoided because it puts more strain on hydros.

    The difference in weigh you are talking about would be like the difference in body weight from one operator to the next...sorry dude, your theory is full of holes.
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    I still like the idea of a inner tube with green slime better.
  4. cgaengineer

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    Inner tubes suck...hard to repair in the field...cannot be plugged.
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    Inner tubes are a bad idea when you get a hole in the tire it often can make it back to the trailer but the tubes instant flat. Seen this on a ztr of mine once the dealers tried to save a tire by putting a inner tube in. Ran great then 2 days later something found a way to hit it and the mower was on the rim in 10 seconds. If memory serves me the tube spun inside the tire and cut it's own valve stem but either way instant flat.

    As for the foam idea go a head and do it if your so set on it. Make sure you have some spear rims with tires on them so you can swap them when you do blow the hydro's. Because that's an instant warranty disqualification for a reason it really does destroy the pumps and wheel motors. My dealer had some one do that to a brand new lazerXS took it out in a week and those are big 21 cc pumps.
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    Explain how it will blow hydros...please. Ever think that maybe the dealer didn't want to warranty the part? I it were me I would have told that dealer to KMA and went to another dealer.

    I have found no evidence on the Internet of foamed tires destroying hydros...sounds like one of those urban legends.
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  7. Toro 455

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    It's not a theory, It's from personal experience. I bought a used mower with foam filled tires. This was some of the earlier foam, and it was heavy as concrete. I weighed the tire & wheel. It was 87 lbs for a 23x8.50x8 tire & wheel. Air filled it was less than half of that.

    I bought it cheap because the manufacturer wouldn't stand behind it because of the foam filled tires. The universal joints were trashed on the 4 wheel drve's driveshaft, the transmission mounts were broken, and the frame had cracks. All from the foam filled tires.

    I'm all for modifying & customizing machines, but foam tires are a bad idea. Some manufacturer design their mowers with foam filled castor wheels and advertize them as such. Nobody puts on foam filled drive tires. And what would the foam cost them? Maybe $5? Manufacturer's cost.

    Slime in an inner tube is bad too. If you get a big hole you can't patch it because it's too "slimey".
    I use Slime in all my big tubeless tires. If I didn't the low pressure mower tires leak around the rim.
  8. cgaengineer

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    Could have been because you purchased a used mower in which someone trashed now could it?
  9. clydebusa

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    Some where around a thousand hours I replace them. They usually get hard and loose grip.

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