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  1. Groomer

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    2012 turf tracer has 850 already.

    I've got a 2008 turf tracer w/o an hour meter which I would guesstimate at pushing 3000 hours on the original engine. Put new coils in this summer and its still cuttin' pretty.
  2. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    My 2001 2660 DC has 3800 My 2005 2860 DC just hit 2000 My 2006 3372DC is 1700 These are ones are over 1k most my others are under 1k
  3. Mowerboy04

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    2010 exmark 1500 hours
    2011 exmark 1100 hours
    2013 exmark 500 hours

    All mowers have been great no major issues
  4. Kelly's Landscaping

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    2013 72 lazerx 114 hours
    2013 60 lazerx 140 hours
    2005 52 lazerz 2800 hours
    2004 44 lazerhp 1920 hours
    2003 60 lazerz 5450 hours
  5. ddixon7

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    1995 36" Encore hydro with (rough estimate) 5000 hours. 15hp Kawasaki. FC series. Everything original except maintenance items.

    2004 Turf Tracer HP 52" with 2300 hours. Original 19hp Kawasaki KAI. Everything original except maintenance items.

    2005 Turf Tracer 60" with 7300 hours. It is on its 2nd Kohler Command 23hp. First one lasted about 6000 hours. Of course, new pumps, wheel motors, pulleys, a few clutches and belts along the way. A lot of tires too.

    2009 Turf Tracer 60" with 1950 hours. 2nd Kawasaki engine. Original was 23hp that blew a head (later fixed and put on my 2011 Turf Tracer 60"). New engine is FS691V 24hp with exactly 500 hours. Everything else is original, except of course clutches and belts and tires.

    2011 Turf Tracer 60" with 1600 hours. 2nd Kawasaki engine (the first one off my 2009 after I fixed the head). First engine blew, POS FX691V (I AM DONE WITH KAWASAKI, they leak). Everything original except maintenance parts.

    2012 Turf Tracer S 52" with 300 hours. FS600V 20hp Kawasaki. Everything original.

    2013 Lazer Z X 60" with 200 hours. Kohler 34hp carbureted.

    Oh, and a couple of Toro 21" with Suzuki 2 strokes. Don't get use a whole lot now days (probably 50 hours a year), but considering they are from 1983, and were used everyday for 10-12 years, I would say 3000 hours on them. Of course, a lot has been rebuilt, except the engines, which in my opinion, were the best ever.
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  6. ddixon7

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    The thing is with a walk behind, is that they get "broke in," and I almost wouldn't trade a machine with 2500 hours on it for a brand new machine. Once I get the triggers slick, snappy, and responsive, I am going to run the thing into the ground and build it back up.

    I really hate new walk behinds, because they are "stickier" and take a while to get right . If I am forced into purchasing one, which I usually do every year anyway, I let my guys use it. They think it is pretty cool using a brand new mower and I am using a nearly decade old dinosaur.
  7. shadetreelawns

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    2012 walker MBK 36 hours.
    2013 exmark navigator 56 hours.
    2012 exmark commercial 30 ....maybe 20 hours.

    Sorry I don't have a bunch of impressive hours on my machines, just had all my stuff stolen in April.
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  8. StanWilhite

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    7500 on a 1974 International Harvester (IH) 154 Cub LoBoy (correct spelling) with a 60" IH belly mower (IH 3160).

    These little tractors came with the exact same 4 cylinder gas engine (C60) as the old "little red cubs" had in them. Never did one thing to the engine other than add electronic ignition and do routine maintenance, and it never used, or leaked, a drop of oil.

    I sold it in '09 and it's still running perfectly today.
  9. sildoc

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    Really impressed with the hours you all are getting on these mowers. When mowing solely I kept my equipment for ever but when I started adding crews I found that it was better to buy a new machine every year and weed out the older machines. This is better for us due to down time and repair costs. So usually when a z hits 1500-2000 hours we are looking to replace it.
    However on our true walk behinds 30" and smaller we usually run till it is trash (this is servicing the machine). I would say we have a few smaller mowers that have well over 3000 hours and run fine, however couldn't prove it unless I went through years of paper work and figured out time on machines, too much a PIA to even spark my interest.
    Keep on rolling guys as long as it is making money its a good machine.
  10. gene gls

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    1997 Walker 20 hp. GHS unit 7173 hours.

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