How Many In One Day?


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Northwest Ohio
What is the average number of lawns you guys/gals cut in one day. I want to expand BIG next year and don't want to bite off more than I can chew, if you know what I mean. I know that the equipment you use has alot to do with it. I'll be running a Walker MT-54 and working by myself. I want to stay the Owner/Operator then I know I will not have any complaints on thier lawn not being done to perfection the way they are used to having to done. I have not been pushed this year since I bought my Walker so I don't know how many I can get done. The most I ever got done with my 21" Toro Commerical was 6 lawns, about 75,000 sq. ft. for a day, and let me tell you my ass was dragging BIG TIME. Well thanks for your comments. Mowman

Richard Martin

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Greenville, NC
I cut, trimmed, edged and blew-off about 125k sq ft. by myself in 8 1/2 hours today. Most of that (75%) was cut with my Exmark 36 and the rest with my GRAVEly 50". On Fridays I cut around 140k to 150k. I look forward to purchasing a ZTR next year.


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Central Texas
This depends all on the routing, size of lawn, and of course everything running smoothly. As one man with the equip you listed I could cut 15 yards in my neck of the woods in one 10hr day. On the other hand I can out trim, out mow, and out blow anyone of my employees, guess thats why I'm the boss.

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45 in one 14 hour day was my best run, but on an average day with a 2 man crew (including myself) i ussually cut about 22-28 depending on proximaty, size and what mowers i can fit where. most of the yards are between 6000-30,000 sq ft.
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I think it would really help you if you got an employee that would do the trimming. It cuts your time in half and you are having fun driving a ZTR around all day.



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I go to school in the day and mow yards a couple evenings a week. I usuall arrive at my first yard about 4pm and me and my friend can knock out 7-8 yards by dark. I could do more but i have to drive a lot between yards. I have a few that are very close but most of them are a good piece apart.



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Memphis, TN
By myself=10-14 per day.
With help=20-25

Best week this year=85 yards in 42 hrs
We do around 40 weekly in 24 hrs. Great on labor cost.



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Portsmouth, VA
Half of my lawns are 30k sqft or more, the rest are around 8k to 18k. I can do 10-12 before I want to jump off a building. With help we can do 16 in a day and not be too tired to shower. However, 1/3 to 1/2 of what I cut is yards that have grass from knee to shoulder height. It gets pretty time consuming to do these. The day I demo'd the Husky 48 ZT rider, we did 18 in less than 8 hrs. My helper was tired, but I was good to go. A lot will depend on what equipment you use. You should allow time for repairs, time to check your work, quoting new jobs, and RAIN!.