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how many installations did it take to be confertable

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i wanted to fine out how many installations it took most of you all to have a good understanding of installing and troubleshooting sprinkler systems.
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3 years of installs:(
Trouble shooting was never a problem. I started in the golf course industry as a irrigation repairer that covered the heads, pipe, wiring/controller and the pump station. I have been designing, installing and repairing systems for over 14 years.
Funny enough, the residential systems gave me trouble as I was not used to working with such small amounts of water.
After my second install, it all came together for me.
My problem is where I work, the soil conditions are really terrible - mostly calcarious/limestone and some granite stratography. You don't trench, you have to literally rock saw.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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