How many Lawns can you comfortably mow in a day Solo?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Lawntkd, Apr 11, 2016.

  1. oabdu123

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    Like those numbers my man. On Tuesdays when you knock out 22 lawns, what is the average lot size? I live just outside of Washington, DC and crunching some numbers on picking up a city route
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  2. Rockbridge Lawn Care LLC

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    The number completed in a given "work" day is irreverent...might get rain in the evening which piles up the work...or your smart and know a stretch of rain is coming so you pick up the trimmer and cram in an extra 2 before the rain sets in.....that's to say nothing of route delays/traffic and the rest of life getting in the way....route density too is a major factor. I have a cluster type of route with 15 minutes of driving between the different towns. IT's not as efficient as a row of homes on the same street, but it is profitable and hopefully this year I can turn the cluster into a row and pumpkin plan the client base.

    but be realistic if you party Friday till 11pm.. and get up Saturday your.. not going to be going at it at 100%....or if your even legal to drive/work...whole story for another time...

    you have to be flexible to accommodate clients, up sell work, and weather. When you learn your never ahead, well then you get productive:)
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  3. lawnsaspire

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    Average Lot Size Is 1/4 Acre Or Less. This Usually Its Much Less Than that. I dont Think in Terms Of Sq. Feet So I Couldnt Tell You That. Last Year I Got Many More Lawns In My Neighborhood And GOt My Route Down To 60 Lawns In 3.5 days and 1 Day of shrubs. Ive Come To the realization That Time Is More of a Valuable Commodity Than Money. No One Ever says on their death bed, "I wish I wouldve worked More"
    That being Said, I Had My best income year ever doing that Schedule lat year. This year I plan on Getting The mowing Schedule Down To 3 days. Its not about how much you work, its about how much you charge, going after smaller lawns, And lawns With Limited driving time That makes a difference in this business. Also, dont Be afraid To do a few every Other Week Lawns. You can charge a Lot more for the hassle factor, and not much extra work is needed if its Small.
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  4. CJ's Mowing Service

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    Seems like 9 and 10 become a grind. If I take a break after 8 it’s better. Lots all between 12,000- 18,000 square feet. 5-6 probably closer to the 16,000 to 18000
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  5. oabdu123

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    Excellent advice my man!
    We share similar mentalities. Happiness and a well balanced quality of life is much more important to me than stacks of $$$. I enjoy lawn care so much, so on the other hand a 10 hour or more day doesn't faze me, I thrive off of the physicality of the industry.
    Btw, how tight is your route and what % of your accounts are bi weekleys?
  6. lawnsaspire

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    Thank you! I only about 7 bi weeklys. So i have well over 60 lawns, but i just do half of the bi weeklys one week and the other half the next week. I also try not to take these on if they dont want extra things like shrub trimming and leaf cleanup. My route is where everything is within about 5 miles from my house. I had some lawns on the far north side of town but it took me forever just to drive there. Felt like I was going to die of boredom just driving there. I do end up working about 5 or 6 days a week in October and November but this is just because it gets dark early and I really enjoy working in the fall anyways so I dont mind spreading it out more. Its hard to do a lot of leaf jobs in one day because of having to dump stuff etc..My biggest challenge right now is finding a perfect mower for small lawns. My 36 is great but sometimes its too cumbersome getting it off and on the truck. The 30 turfmaster has its strengths, but they are a long way from perfecting that thing. What equipment do use. I prefer smaller mowers because larger ones require more Maintenance and thats just something else that robs you of time if you 're trying to do it yourself. I really dont enjoy working on mowers, even though I have learned to do a lot myself.
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    I could care less how many lawns I mow. I'm always looking at the max amount of $$ I can make in a day wether it's 5 lawns or 20). I've done $600 in mowing under 8hours but that's pushing my limits.
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    I've done 17 houses before with a walkbehind and a 30 for tight spots. It was closer to 10 hours with driving, start early to beat traffic, once 3pm hits everyone is on the road, made the end of my day drag with windshield time
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  9. oabdu123

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    I maxed out at around 20 lawns part time last year, this was on top of working 45 to 50 hours a week at my full time last season. Going full time this year, I shooting for 50 accounts in 2018, looking at mostly trying to get smaller properties ranging from 1/7 to 1/3 acre accounts. I run a 36 Toro Proline belt drive, a 44 Toro Proline hydro, Grass cobbler catcher, and Havener sulkies. Just made a purchase on two additional 44 Proline for a steal, which one of them I want to get a 52in deck and swap it out. I also have a 48in Simplicity riding mower for a backup, which gives an amazing cut. For the 21in a have 3x Toro Super Recyclers. Being that most of my machines are older, I wanted to have backups as I purchased all of the mowers at an excellent price at one point in time. Husky 450 chainsaw, Husky 128 LD and 324 trimmers, Classen CA-18 aerator and plenty of other miscellaneous eqipment.
  10. shifty98

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    It would be pretty impressive if you have 60 mowing accounts your 1st year in the business. When I was solo I did 5-6 per day. But my average lawn size is 3 acres. And these are suburban 3 acres homes so lots of trimming around trees, pools, patios etc. So yeah it all depends. I would say not to go over 60 accounts for your first year.
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