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How many miles can you expect out of a Duramax?

ProScape Canada

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Ottawa, ON
I was looking in to the 6600 Duramax engine and they seem to go 300-350 but I've seen some hitting 400-500 and one rolling at over 700. The 700 was on a GMC 5500.

lawn king

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There is one over @ dieselplace with 700,000 + miles on it. Original motor & tranny, still running well. There are many members over there with high mileage on oem motors & injectors!


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Somewhere in FL
I wouldn't pay that much for it regardless of options. Mine ran PERFECT when I sold it with over 130k on it. It used a little oil, maybe a quart every oil change which was about 8000-9000 miles.


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Byram, MS
I got a chance to drive it today. The engine and tranny drive like a champ. I had a concern on what the dealer says are the tires. Also the oil pressure sits low when idling warm. I dunno if this is normal on diesels or not. Also I swear the temp guage has got to almost the 210 mark before it settles at the quarter ways mark. I got the guy down to 11000 on price, but I'm still not sure on it yet. As listed on KBB and NADA it is about $6000 less the what the dealer has listed. It looks to of never had a goose neck/fifth wheel in it, so thats a good sign of no real heavy pulling.
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NE Tn.
both duramax's i have had the oil pressure drops when at idle after it's warmed up. comes up fine when accelerating or when running.


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Kitchener, ON
TBO is rated at 250K for Duramax V engines, but that's nothing these days for a diesel. Keep in mind you can get a Duramax 7.8L I6 in heavier C and T GM trucks that will more or less outlast the frame.

I had a 6.5L V8 GM diesel in a 3500 extended savanan (with insulated box and reefer on roof) that just turned 1million kms, or 600K miles before I traded it in. The drivers door fell off three hours away, and I never would have expected that which is why I decided to sell it. I'll also add that it would smoke heavily when you pushed the throttle down over 50%, even in low rpms. At around 75% throttle it would downshift and black smoke would be everywhere.