how many of u aerate

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by cturner, Mar 31, 2003.

  1. cturner

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    how many of u aerate? i have been offering this service with my clean-up but now i'm not sure, i was going to rent and aerator but when i talk to the guy at the rental place he said it's not a good idea to do it yet cause the ground is real soft and all i will do is tear it up and i've read a post over in the landscaping forum and alot of them guys are against it this is my first year out and if anyone can give me any advice i will be extremely thankful:confused:
  2. proline32

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    Hmm, Interesting.

    I've been doing some aerations since mid february, I find since the lawns are wet you get better penetration and coring action. The lawns haven't been that soft for me though so I have not had any problems with rutting. I own my Aerator, I stopped using the rental yard ones because they are always in such poor shape and it never failed that the rental aerator broke down while I was out doing a job. I haven't had that many calls so far for aeration this year and many of the ones I have had tell me the price is too exspensive? That really confused me because I know what the market rate around here is and I'm within that range, It's going to be a funny year.
  3. rodfather

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    We aerate, but do not consider it part of spring clean-up for 2 reasons.

    1. It is a premium service (over and above normal clean-ups) that usually includes overseeding as well.

    2. Aeration is better performed when grass is actively growing (not in the spring when the grass has just started for the most part).
  4. Premo Services

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    I agree with everything he says!!
    1. It is a premium service not to be included in spring cleanup, unless it is charged for seperatley.

    2. Aeration is best if done in the fall.
    I do have some customers wanting it in the spring and I will not turn it down, but tell them it would be better in the fall, so you can overseeed at the same time..
  5. Expert Lawns

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    For those of you who have and do aerate.........

    I have never aerated but would like to add it to my services. I have seen it done, and know the benefits of it. How do you suggest I go about this? I'm thinking of renting one for the first year. Is it as easy as mowing? By this, I mean do you just make sure you cover the whole lawn, not missing any spots. are there any secrets. any advice will help. thanks
  6. gvlawncare

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    As far as pricing, it all depends on what your market will bear. Around here, ( Western NY) $10 per 1k sq.ft is a good average rate. Yes some customers may think this is expensive, but they have to realize that the equipment isn't cheap at all, and that we also have a family to feed, and payments to make. I used to feel bad when a customer complained about my prices, but not any more. I don't run a flea market where you wheel and deal on what you are going to pay. Just my opinions MATT
  7. Shuter

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    I aerate all my lawns every other year in the spring. On the other year I thatch. After aerating, I seed and fertilize. It is an extra service that I added two years ago that helps the lawn and also brings in some extra money.
  8. Gravely_Man

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    We aerate in the fall and then over seed the areas. This is service that you should be charging for so unless you are charging a lot, I mean a lot for your clean ups then you should offer this as an additional service.

  9. The Plant Poet

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    Down here in central Ga. People wonder how we get anything to grow in this red georgia clay ****. The stuff gets as hard as a brick in the summer heat. Without areation summer stress sets in about July (disease, Poor apperance) and you'll be lookin bad.

    Most people know that in this area so they welcome areation. I push some of my customers for twice a year. Especially the ones that live in country clubs and see there golf courses being areated several times a year.

    You've got to areate! Grass roots need oxygen. Here it's necessary so water and oxygen can penetrate the soil. In some places it's necessary so water will drain and allow oxygen into the soil. Find out why it's necessary for your area. Explain that to your customers, add it to your services, raise your level of professionalism and your bottom line.
  10. the scaper

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    plant poet, i agree. i'm in georgia too so i know just what you're talking about. i do lots of aerating/overseeding in the spring and fall, but i have noticed that fall aerations do the best. i use a pull behind drum spike aerater (filled w/ water for weight) cause i can ride mow and aerate at the same time. if i want to really tear it up, i shut the blades off and turn lots of circles, really works nice. i used to rent the core aerators for gated back yards , they work great too ,but at my age i cant stand the beating as well. plus this year i got a smaller riding mower for the small gates so i use my drum in back too. this is always over and above work ~scaper~:cool:

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