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How many of you are EMT/Police/Firefighter???


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I've been a EMT Paramedic since 1986 here in Charlotte, NC. I was a NREMTP for 10 years but let it go due to seeing no reason for it. I was certified as an instructor in ACLS, PALS, BTLS, PHTLS, and was on the faculty at several local collages until about 3 years ago when I sold my teaching business and took the leap into lawn care.

What about the rest of you??


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Portsmouth, VA
Sheriff's Office, for a little over 3 years. I can't afford to work FT there, but I work PT (30-40 hrs/mo.) It's pretty exciting work. We work in the jail and on the road. The only difference between us and paid guys is a check. Most of the firefighters here work an odd schedule of 24 hr shifts. Almost all of them cut grass. My wife's brother is a FF, but he cuts down trees. He and I have traded "war stories" for a while now.


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N.E. Wisconsin
I am a firefighter/paramedic in a town in Wisconsin. Been here since 1990. I grew up in Chicago. I started out as a firefighter/emt in 1985 on the south side in Riverdale. I've been cutting grass my whole life but commercially for the last 5 years.
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I am a reserve L.E.O. in our county for about 10 years now. It has been hard to find the time to work for the department since I started my company about four years ago. I frankly wish I had more time to do both!



Gulf Shores, AL
I'm federal L.E.O. in the District of Columbia. I'll retire in less than twelve months and then mow full-time after retirement because I want too. Yahoo!


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West Ky.
In reply to this post any pointers on how to pass the National Registry Test.........My son who is soon to be 20 would give anything to be on a paid fire dept. (None in our rural West Ky. area) So he is very active on 2 volunteer depts. He went to a Vo tech school and passed his EMT course with no problems. He has gone the maximum number of times to try his NR test and failed by 2 points each time. I think he now has to take his skills over and I cant find a place to do it before his 1 year is up. He is very discouraged. I thought he was just dumb like his old man but i've been told the test is tuff.......BTW......I'm in the Propane Industry / winter related and I mow 2 cemetaries. Gosh a lot of trimmin........Only 1 next year Ha


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On the National Registry Exam, my best advice is to study hard and be ready for anything. The trauma skills station is the station that usully gets everyone, has he taken PHTLS? That is a good course for getting ready, as far as the written test, not sure there I took mine 14 years ago so I know it's changed.



I've been a junior firefighter with our <a href="http://www.sbvfd.com">local dept</a>. My grandfather was a volunteer firefighter in one of the dept's in town and was the chief for a while. he's the one that got mw hooked on firetrucks,etc. my other grandfather in montana was also a volunteer ff. Our drills are usually from 6pm-9 or 10pm. Last night at our drill we went out on our boat to check out a barge that flipped and sandwiched onto another one.



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Flint, Michigan
Wow! I didn't know we had so many great people out there! I start my internship with a local police department if the fall. I just want to say that it is a priveledge, a pleasure, and an honor to be able to socialize on this forum with you gentlemen. I can't help but feel that it brings us even more to a common ground. Thank You for all you do. Runner

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On sept 6th i will turn 15 and plan on going to the fire station that very day to become a junior fire fighter! i love fire engines and such and want to help the community etc. its also not to far away (bike riding distance) i ride by every day atleast once, always staring in to see if there is anything new happening in there. if any of you are willing to answer some of my fire fighting related questions send me a email please, farmsoil@hotmail.com