how many of you break cdl laws.

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    damn small business needs lobbyist like the farmers.
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    This is what I found from Texas.. same as I was told on the phone. To get a Dot number I have to be a commercial vehicle. I need the dot number before I could get a tx dot number but it says I can't get one because I'm under 26,001 lbs. and don't go out of state. It's 500 miles to the state line! :dizzy:

    Motor Carrier Registration FAQs
    What is a motor carrier?

    A "motor carrier" is defined as an individual, association, corporation, or other legal entity that controls, operates, or directs the operation of one or more commercial motor vehicles that transport persons or cargo over a road or highway in this state.

    A "commercial motor vehicle" includes:

    any motor vehicle or combination of vehicles with a gross weight, registered weight, or gross weight rating in excess of 26,000 pounds, which is designed or used for the transportation of cargo in furtherance of any commercial enterprise
    any vehicle, including buses, designed or used to transport more than 15 passengers, including the driver
    any vehicle used in the transportation of hazardous materials in a quantity requiring placarding under the regulations issued under the federal Hazardous Materials Transportation Act (Title 49, United States Code, App. §1801-1813); and
    a commercial motor vehicle, as defined by 49 C.F.R. §390.5, that is owned or controlled by a person or entity that is domiciled in or a citizen of a country other than the United States.
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    You have a state number and then a Federal number. The state number only allows you to drive in that state. texas has decided to change it's regulations to differ from federal regulations which happens alot. Thats why you see some guys oin here who post and think that the Federal regulations are the only regulations and the state cannot have different ones which obviously Texas is different.
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    OK, so as I have read through this thread I just get a bit more confused. I am sure of the fact that as laws vary state by state, and federal requirements remain consistent state to state, I am not alone. Having had a older 1 ton rated at 10K GVW and overloading it too many times, I bought a old F600 (personnel use only no biz) My 5 yd F600 is licensed @ 24K, (hydraulic brakes). I pull a Home built triple axle trailer that has no rating on the registration other then a weight of 3k for the trailer. I haul a 9500lb mini. I never haul the mini with a load in the truck. truck weighs around 9600 unloaded. Do I need a Class A CDL when towing my machine for WA ? As my trailer does not have a max load rating, can I get a ticket for pulling it empty ? I have yet to be pulled over, but am waiting.

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    What are the axles rated at on the trailer? I would assume that with a triaxle it would be way over 10K. Pulling that with an F600 yes you need a class A.

    If it is really personal use only then no you don't need a CDL but im betting you are just saying personal use and really using it for biz.
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    It doesn't matter what anything weighs, it only matter what it's weighted for.

    Your truck is rated for 24k, and your trailer is weighted for god knows what. If it's a triple axle and you haul a 9500lb mini, then the trailer is probably weighted for over 10k.

    Which means you need a CDL.
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    CDL has nothing to do with business or personal use.

    USDOT numbers are not needed for personal use, but a CDL has no personal/business barriers.
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    As noted in my post it is for personnel use.

    If I were you I wouldn't be making any bets on anything. "IF" I was in biz I wouldn't be using a 44 year old truck and a home built trailer.
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    Horse hockey and bovine excrement.

    Anyone can rent a semi to move their household and not require a CDL. What about all those retired folks hauling diesel pushers all over the country that fall well within CDL requirements.

    TAF, be careful of what you read and believe from the internet. I haven't read through the whole thread, but so far in 2 posts I've found 2 huge mistakes.
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    According to what I have read there is a non commercial cdl.
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