how many of you break cdl laws.

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by deerewashed, Aug 1, 2012.

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    WOW! 14 pages. Wouldn't it have been easier to just call the DMV? :dizzy: WOOHOO, I just made it 15! :laugh:
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    Did you even read the title too the thread? Tho OP asked " how many of you break cdl laws" Not sure if the DMV can answer that one?
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    Like the dmv knows the laws!!!
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    Or the COPS.

    Or most CDL holders, apparently.
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    It amazes me how the temperature starts to rise over this subject. I have a college degree and a very good command of the English language. I am also a "spec" and trivia buff. I find the rules confusing and open to more than one interpretation in more than one jurisdiction. I do not agree with the laws, "as written", but feel powerless to get much changed.

    And now for my soap box..

    One of my biggest grievances is that many of us who choose to be under CDL are limited to a mere 26k when elderly men and women are pulling "recreational vehicles" and topping the scales at 26k or more. While I am not pointing fingers at our older population, I have seen some very poor driving and traffic issues because of heavy loads and what appeared to be poor driving skills.

    I would rather see my tax dollars spent on the obviously unsafe vehicle combinations in the 50k lb+ range. If it were up to me, I'd divert some of the CVE troopers to work the state highways looking for drunks after midnight and obviously unsafe or speeding commercial vehicles.

    Why is this important to me? Last night a drunk driver hit a young man who is close to my family. He was traveling at 65 mph and the drunk was probably at highway speeds as well and was traveling into oncoming traffic. Had my friend not turned at the last minute, it would have been a head on collision. As it was, his truck rolled and all four young men in the vehicle went to the hospital. Thank God their injuries were minor..relative to the vehicle's damage. The 1/2 truck was completely destroyed.

    The drunk fled on foot and eluded capture even though a canine unit arrived on scene in a matter of minutes. That, to me, is a priority capture because we all know these drunks will do it again. Yes, a poorly attached trailer or poorly loaded vehicle or trailer can be a danger on the road but I see more accidents involving cars and light trucks and drunks than I do anything else. I can back this up with 6 years experience as a paramedic after college.

    Anyway, unless we petition our Congress, nothing will ever change. I imagine I will have to go CDL very soon which means a lot of changes for me. It also means I will have to hire CDL drivers to help haul some of my equipment since I will have to upgrade trucks just to test. It's a racket, for sure, if you are right near the cut off. I don't need to drive a rig, I just need to haul a Bobcat or a mini ex and I like the set up I have now but "compact" machines aren't getting any lighter..

    Sorry for the long, off-topic post but endless levels of bureaucracy frustrate me especially when those interpreting the rules or meting out punishments do can't agree. I can back that up because I have called and written the state only to receive contradictory answers from the same office!
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    The problem is you have guys posting who actually work for a living and need advice and want to learn and then you have 3 or 4 guys who are only posting so that they can make there selves feel good by belittling someone. It speaks highly of there charecter. They are here to cause trouble not help. Of course in real life there bullying ways would be non existent as they would actually have to be held accountable for there mouths. So that ios the major reason why CDL posts become a train wreck. A few bad apples always.LOL
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    Well said Yellow Dog, let me add that CDL laws should be about Public safety. Sadly, this is not the case, look at the 1/2 page of exemptions in Washingtons CDL guide. My question to my state rep was "How can you be exempt from public safety??" His response, after a fair amount of stuttering was worthless.
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    CDL Laws are as much about public saftey as Obamacare is about providing affordable health care!
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    If it was about public safety they wouldn't issue 3 month temporary medical cards for people withe extremely high blood pressure.
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    How can a vehicle have a GVWR higher than the axle(s) are rated for?

    If a tandem axle trailer has 2 axles rated at 7,000, it is impossible for this trailer to be rated at 15K LEGALLY.

    The first thing a cop will do after checking the manufacturers tag is start looking at tires and axles for their ratings. Whatever is lowest is what he will go with.

    If you want to rate a trailer with 2 7,000 axles less than 14K, you can, but you can't and I bet won't find a trailer manufacturer to rate a trailer for more than it was built to haul.

    And you accuse me of throwing out crap that is different from state to state?

    Michigan's law was just changed, anything under 26,001 does not fall within the cell phone guidelines anymore.

    Weird, I only have a US DOT number. That's all I have to have. As of right now I am an intrastate "carrier" and fall within those guidelines. If I start doing interstate, then things will change, but I won't need another set of numbers.

    And who is giving faulty info?

    I'm still waiting for you to tell me where I gave faulty information. You continue to ignore these requests and instead attempt to insult me (which has yet to work). Why don't you show me where I am wrong? Even when I pointed out 93Chevy's mistake, he admitted it, but you continue to think that I was mistaken.

    So put up or shut up. You are the only one that has attempted to belittle me. I have posted facts. You have posted several things that are incorrect for MI and then have the guts to accuse me of exactly what you have done. So, who is they bully in this thread?

    How about you post up a copy of your CDL since you seem to think that just because you allegedly possess one it makes you more correct than anyone else?

    I don't remember when I got mine. Sometime in the mid 90's, I think. Really doesn't matter though since you continue to ignore facts and instead attack other members.

    Great post, and agreed 100%.

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