how many of you break cdl laws.

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by deerewashed, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. 93Chevy

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    I'm not really sure what you're saying
  2. 4 seasons lawn&land

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    Cam trailers add the tongue weight into the GVW so mine is 16000 gvw and weighs 2900. Leaves about 1000 to spare with the mini. Dont buy anything based on towing it with a 2500. I just did it until I got a dump. Its ugly.
  3. deerewashed

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    so since it is rated at 7500 can i haul 18.5k then?
  4. AWJ Services

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    The GVWR rating is on the door sticker and teh axle capacities are there as well. If you have a 2500 you can do a goosekneck and a 5 ton Mini as long as you are towing on relativley flat areas. Most of the gooseknecks with 2 7000 pound axles will have GVWR of 15k or so. You will be legally under the CDL limit but you have to take into account saftey first, not necassarily CDL rules.
  5. 4 seasons lawn&land

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    no nooooo thats just the limit for staying under cdl. So its like saying a dodge neon is good to tow 23,500
  6. ParkWelding

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    A 2500HD should have a GVWR of approximately 9000#. Look on the manufacturers sticker. (9000#+18000#=27000#)= Class A. Insert your numbers and come out with 26000# or less and you are in non-CDL territory.

    I highly doubt that there are many in the landscape or construction business that have never been overweight or violated some form of DOT regulation at some point in their career.
  7. muddywater

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    Just stay off the highway. The last ticket cost me $150. F*** the DOT.

    Anti-business useless govt worker bastards.
  8. zabmasonry

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    Personally I would say that you should have a safe setup and if the combined is over 26,000 then go get a CDL with that setup. It's really not that big of a deal.

    What is a big deal, and a-lot more work is being FHMCA compliant (DOT #'s and all the crap that goes with that). There's a lot of paperwork for that and its a bit time consuming.

    I always think that if you're going to break the rules, don't do it with an obviously unsafe setup, like a 12,000# mini behind a 3/4 ton. If you look safe I don't think that you're a lot less likely to be pulled over.
  9. Junior M

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    In SC, any combination (truck and trailer) over 10k requires a cdl... So just by pulling my trailer which is rated at 14k, I am required to have a CDL..

    Check out your DOT rules carefully..DOT is getting on it lately due to federal guys getting on them about not writing enough tickets.
  10. knox gsl

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    Get a gooseneck trailer rated at 9,990 lbs. Put 3,000 lbs on the toung, the trailer should weight in around 3,000lbs as well. This will let you pull a 10,000 lb machine legally. The trailer rating is for the axles and this will work as long as you are under the GCVW for the truck and under the axle rating or the truck.

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