how many of you break cdl laws.

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  1. muddywater

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    Well when you have multiple employees and multiple trucks on the road, it is a constant battle.

    As soon as we get a new windshield, it seems like it gets hit by a pebble from a truck and then the crack gets worse. I have had a new windshield get cracked the next day.

    And making sure all employees have health cards when you are working mon-fri and it is hard to let them go for 3-4 hours... test doesn't take that long, but getting them there and then waiting an hour or two for the test, then getting them back on the crew pretty much voids the whole day for them.

    And remembering to get them renewed after 2 years, and when you hire new guys you have to remember to make sure they have health cards... And usually a new hire doesn't drive the truck immediately... might be a year or two... got to remember it then.
  2. SP Landscaping

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    How bout making it a company policy if they have a cdl than you need a med card, and if you have multiple employes it shouldn't be that hard to have them go get the physical. I'd understand it if you had 1 employe and yourself than it would f your day
  3. YellowDogSVC

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    so for intrastate, non-cdl, is DOT asking for medical cards?
  4. muddywater

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    We have a freeway that links us to all the neighboring cities. Freeway time is only 10-15 minutes, but that is enough to incur the wrath of dot.

    And I buy and sell alot of equipment, so we go all over the southeast. I bought and sold 100 skid steers/mini-x's last year. And I keep our c5500 jam up as far as safety goes and we still get pulled over alot for bullsh!t. It is just incredible.

    I bought a t180 off of ebay a month ago in Gary IN and sent an employee to pick it up. On the way up there, he got pulled over by a dot guy that scanned the number on the truck with some machine and said I did not have some type of interstate dot number. I have a us dot number but I guess it is not registered to go into different states??? $150 ticket.

    Then when my guy gets up to Gary IN, the two guys that sold the t180 to me on ebay robbed him at gun point of the cash, took my gps from the truck, took the keys, took my guy's wallet, took the keys to the truck. He got a neighbor to call the police, it took them 2 hours to show up. An officer is never around when you need them.
  5. muddywater

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    In my state, it is required for a commercial vehicle.
  6. allinearth

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    Geesh! Bet that sucked
  7. YellowDogSVC

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    I can't find it anywhere in the TX DOT. I find "motor carrier" but that says it for household goods, ie movers of any weight. Every time I talk to the department of public safety after hearing a rumor, I'm referred back to the flow chart I've posted before, told that I'm under CDL, but don't overload the truck, yada, yada, yada..

    Gives me a headache..
  8. muddywater

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    I guess all states are different.
  9. ioilyouin

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    My 20K gooseneck behind my 2500 Dodge with my E50 (12,300) grosses a little over 25.5K. My loader(15300) comes in at 27.7K , which is puckering. I'm not over on any of my axles, but I am over on the GCVWR of the truck. If you could get enough truck under the trailer you would be ok, but I don't see that happening. If you could get a stripped down 450 with a gas engine, maybe. By Illinois' standards you wouldn't need it as long as you stay under 26K. As I read it you could pull a trailer under 10K and run a truck under 26K and not need a CDL.
    I am in the process of changing that setup anyway, so it won't last much longer. The gasser has the power, but not the a$$ to handle it. It shakes the heck out of you going down the road. I've had a class A for 15 years so I don't worry from that end.
  10. 4 seasons lawn&land

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    wow. do you have a sales and service shop or just sell from your yard? 100 is alot of buying and selling

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