How many of you guy's have websites?

Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by AllSeasonsAllReasons, Feb 19, 2001.

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    Are they worth the time? Just asking if you have one could you leave a link? Just trying to get some ideas! Thanks guys
  2. syzer

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    I have one nothing at the moment to look at I am in the process of a major revamping but I'm pretty busy so its hard to get to it. I jsut have a background gif thrown up now I made with photoshop.

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    Hello Everybody:

    Are they worth the time?

    Yes & No, it depends in what you want out of it. If you never designed a website, it's quite a undertaking (100's of hours is nothing). Many, Many hours of learning curve goes with it. Unless you use a templet to build one & in most cases they look cheap, just as ones that don't have their own Domain Names do.

    If your building one for your Lawn Service, Landscaping or Snowplowing business. It will not be quite as hard, what I'm saying is promoting it & if done properly it could be a very effective sales tool. But again it will take time. Everything you got needs to have your Domain Name on it. All paper material handled in your business & put it on yo vehicles & trailers.

    First of all you want it to represent your company first, having interaction with your potential customers. Once you are happy with the way it represents you. Then you want to have many reasons for people to come there & then you want reasons for them to come back again & again.

    You could have a small Newsletter with some information on it & then point them to your website for more. You could have discount coupons, your schedule of what services when, you could put specials on there & etc....

    Then if you are lucky in time have it all at your website only. Just slowly convert them, the way the internet is growing this should be a fairly easy task in a short period of time!

    Just asking if you have one could you leave a link?

    You can go to the sites I have below, a total of over 750 External Hyper links to other websites & more. I would personally go to websites that sell services & see how they do it. If you are trying to sell your services, it doesn't have to be flashy, it just needs to represent your company. It doesn't need music in the background either, it needs Pictures that tell a story about you, your Company & your Services. The you need Value Rich Content that can be added to, so they keep coming back for more?

    It's a never ending process & the rules change daily

    It takes all I can do to just keep up with a 10th of it & I'm on more hours than most people work a week. I've been successful in the Green Industry end of it & that's all I have done for the past 6 years.

    Now I'm going out into something entirely different & a much larger targeted audience. Hoping to be a success there TOO! I enjoy the Green Industry, but it's time to move on & add on to my Ventures. I'm hoping in the next year that I will be able to make a living on the Internet freeing me from Brick & Mortar Establishments.

    Right Now being a Success on the Internet is one of the Biggest American Dreams out there!

    I hope mine is too! I've sure worked for it & remember this, "It's Tuff Making a living on the Internet!"

    98% of the websites outhere, make virtually not enough for server space & software. The other 2% make over 98% of the money. Competition is fierce. There is plenty of websites out there that cost a fortune & over the years haven't made a dimes profit!

    It's also a never ending process & it's never finished. You do not need to let folks know it's under construction, because to be successful it will have to be under constant change.

    This new website I'm working on I almost finished it a few days ago. Then I looked at it again & now I'm starting all over with it. I've put probably 100 to 150 hours in it & I'm redoing it because it just didn't look right to me. :)

    BTW, some of your way above average people in the business & yes they are Forum members, have actually made Cd's with their business on it. More like a sales presentation & they use it to help promote their services. If you would go that direction, it's very easy to put a website on a CD, there is plenty of software Free & pay to do accomplish this task. This is like killing 2 birds with one stone. If you work on it & just cover everything that you have to cover when giving a bid, it would really pay for it self.

    What if they don't have a Puter or they don't have anything to play the cd on. Well buy a Laptop & set it up for them, so they can watch it while you are figuring you bid. If you have the right Software & Hardware. You could go to just about any job to bid on let them watch your presentation. While you gather info & get them to let you have a few minutes crunching numbers. Then give them a professional bid on the spot.

    Yep there is software that can accomplish all of this if you look. There is no limit & if presented professionaly you could walk off with most bids the first visit. People on this Forum are doing it all the time!

    It just takes time!
  5. GreenQuest Lawn

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    I agree lots of work but fun also i think. mine is not done (probably cause im writing this and not working on it) but should be soon or i'll never stop hearing "WHAT DO YOU DO ALL DAY" from the wife LOL
  6. Eric ELM

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    As Ray said, any member that has a RED house below his or her post has a website unless someone puts in their ISP as their home page as some have.
  7. gusbuster

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    Web site's are not that much work to do. I am a beliver in the saying: keep it sweet,short, and simple.Get out what you wish to promote or sell.

    The headache is getting a good web host. You need somebody who has reliable connections,good tech support ect...

    Besides, web sites are a good distraction from work.
  8. mowerman90

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    My site's nothing special but it didn't cost me a dime. Now my customers can pay me via the web and who knows, maybe I'll even pick up a few cutomers who see it.
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    Ok, Ok, no need to all race to be first in line. Anyone can feel free to offer to build us a website. [​IMG]

    Seriously though, websites are an added bonus. I don't think it is absolutely necessary to have one, but if you do that's all the better.

    In our small minded area, I wouldn't really anticipate acquiring new customers thru the web, but I think it would be cool to have one just to say we did. Does that make sense?

    So if you have the time to build one, go for it. But if you don't, don't lose sleep over it.
  10. prairie

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    I have one, it's simple and to the point. Only one page w/ two pics. I get at least 15 hit on it per week

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