how many of you have college degrees?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by JRS Landscaping, May 19, 2008.

  1. JRS Landscaping

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    Who has college degrees and what are they in? I'm 19 years old looking to go college in the fall to help my business. I was also was wondering is it worth getting a bachelor's degree or is an associates enough? thanks
  2. k911lowe

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    i have a degree in behavioral science fom CCNY in 1975.i went in on the GI bill.any type of extended education,college or vocational is good for opening your mind an seeing new possibilities.good luck.
  3. matt spinniken

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    I have a bachelors in Business Management. Honestly, I would only recommond a degree like this if you want to work in the corporate world or for another company. I have learned more from reading quality books on business than from going to school, if you want to grow your own business, work on yourself and learn as much as you can. College is too expensive and time consuming in my opinion.
  4. Mrs. H

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    I have a general Associates in Arts that I can transfer to a 4-year school if/when I want to.

    If I could do it again, I would have taken at least one buisness or accounting class. But, then again, since I am a reluctant buisness owner, I'll deal.

    I probably won't continue my education because there are some other things I want to accomplish that don't require a 4-year degree. If given a chance and the opportunity to study whatever for any reason, I probably would take that chance. Matt is right. Sometimes you can get more out of working and reading on your own than you can paying big bucks at a university.

    For instance: While my sister was getting a degree in Culinary Arts (cooking) and paying tuition I was working in a resturaunt, learning how to decorate cakes and they paid me. We both learned the same skill.

    I look at the education I have now as an insurance policy. If something we're to happen to our income, provided by David, then I probably could get a decent job at decent pay instead of working at a cash register for min. wage.
  5. Red Wagon

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    I have a bachelor of science degree in horticulture with a business minor. Good luck.
  6. KrayzKajun

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    im 3 semesters away from an Associates of Science Degree in Horticulture.
  7. metro1handyman

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    I have no extended education, except for reading, asking questions, work experience, and teaching myself through trial and error..and error....and error..ah ha that's it I got it now...... If I had the money I would say a good accounting class would be great, if for nothing more than teaching you how to stay organized.
  8. metro1handyman

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    Mrs. H,

    Why did you get out of collections? I had the great oppurtunity to do that as well for 5yrs for two diff companies. Both of which I was involved with from the ground up, I learned sooo much it's mind boggling..?? as for me the Pres of the second company ended up getting into blow... and well you prob. know the rest. There is unbelievable amounts of money to be made in that industry, only problem is you need about a half a million to get a good start.
  9. metro1handyman

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    Sorry.... I just realized I Post-jacked JRS......
  10. colawn

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    Business degree(finance/economics) I don't think you need a degree if you are motivated, willing learn and work. It was fun (graduated in 05) but I don't really think it is needed. Look at how many people have degrees now. If you want to set yourself apart you have to have a Masters. With the slumping economy many people will be going back to school to "advance their careers" while they cannot find a job. Good Luck

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