How many of you keep a firearm in the truck or on you?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by MooseMan89, Feb 26, 2013.

  1. Wright Lawn

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    Couldn't have said it better myself GrassGuerilla!:usflag:
  2. Cadzilla

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    lol....where do you live? Afghanistan?
  3. RossiLawns

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    Damm! I never even think of carrying a gun on me or in my trucks. Where the hell are you guys working?..ROFL
  4. Jaybrown

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    Lmao. I know. Ak. ****. What would your customer think if you pulled that out. Lol. Crazy
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  5. RossiLawns

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    Not saying you guys don't need to carry a gun but I could not image having to carry a gun with me on landscaping jobs.
  6. Jaybrown

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    Might as well bring some grenades also.They might have ant hills or other pests you can get rid of
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  7. ncknaklawns

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    I'm near Canada so I carry an Steel HS84 :drinkup:Good beer up there:usflag:
  8. cpllawncare

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    I recently watched a dateline segment where they gave a gun to six avg citizens of various backgrounds, one was a woman, who thought they were getting they're CWP, they then had them in a classroom and at some point busted in with an armed "Robber" every one of them got "shot" before they could get their guns out. I've often thought the same thing would probably happen if confronted by a gun toting robber. The problem is, we're not trained or expecting the situation to happen to us, and when it does our reaction time is "VERY SLOW" compared to the guy that already has it in his mind what he is doing. I'm very much a gun advocate and ex military, but sadly, the truth is 99% of us would get killed in a confrontation with a gun toting robber. Yes I carry and have guns in my house as well. I have been carjacked, I wasn't carrying at the time, and the truth is I was so stunned that I didn't know how to react, and this dateline segment showed just that.You can talk all the junk you want but when it happens to you it's a VERY REAL AND VERY SCARY SITUATION!
  9. ron mexico75

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    Its called "situational awareness".

    Also, sitting in a classroom and having someone planned by a tv show to come in and "rob" them and "shoot" them all before they could get their weapons out is a poor example in my opinion. Probably a liberal show producer using his own agenda to "show and prove" how citizens with guns doesn't make sense.

    Any other circumstance; walking to your car after grocery shopping, mall, parking deck, etc. You always look around and observe. Not down at your feet, or cell phone or listening to an ipod. You know how most victims always say" he just came out of nowhere", well more than likely the bad guy didn't. He had been watching for a while hunting someone who he could make think he just came out of nowhere. Hence, situational awareness.

    Now cutting or blowing or trimming etc. you really can't be using situational awareness, but, I at least want to have a chance at defending my life should someone pull a gun, knife, bat or any other deadly weapon. Who says that if you give them what they want they will just leave?

    We have a right to defend ourselves in this country. Rather at work, or at home. Obviously different states have different laws and you must abide by those.

    It's funny to see some of the comments here thought due to the certain areas or the country the commenter lives. Not all, but some of our Northeastern members think people who carry on the job are crazy, silly, or they themselves couldn't ever imagine why they would need a gun. I guess when you grow up in a liberal household or in a liberal area you are conditioned to think one way.

    I mean, do you carry a fire extinguisher? a first aid kit? If no than why not? Do you know you'll never have a fire because the odds are not there? Will you never hurt yourself or have to help one of your workers because you are careful so an accident will never happen? My belief is that's its better to be prepared then to be sorry. I also don't depend on others when I can help myself first. I don't depend on the government to help me so I do what I need to do for income. I don't depend on the fire department so I have fire extinguishers. (not saying that all extinguishers put out all fires and there is no need for the fire department) I just like to be prepared to put out a fire if caught early enough. I also don't depend on the police for my protection as many others on this site don't either.

    Just how I feel, if you feel differently then that's ok. You have the right to not do or feel what I or others do and you're aren't wrong.

    This just isn't a response to the person I quoted though so don't take offense. After I started typing I started to comment in general not at anyone specifically.
  10. ron mexico75

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    It doesn't come down to where someone can imagine or not imagine carrying a gun. If you choose to carry it's a decision you make regardless of where you are at or where you plan to go (laws permitting.)

    You always seem to hear victims, if they live through an attack, 'I can't believe it happened in this area." Or, "I can't believe it happened to me, I'm so careful all the time." Just a common response you hear often enough. Kind of goes against what you said of not imagining having to carry. I mean, that's your right and your decision, not trying to change you. I'm just saying, could you imagine being robbed, beaten, almost killed and then saying............I never imagined that happening to me or I never imagined it happening in that area."

    In NJ, if you have lived there since you were young, you are conditioned not to believe you have to have a gun for your protection because that's what the police and government are for. Not saying that for all NJ people, but lets face it, it is and always has been a liberal dominated state with few exceptions. It's more of a state of mind in certain areas of the country.

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