How many of you keep a firearm in the truck or on you?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by MooseMan89, Feb 26, 2013.

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    thats a bull crap cop-out excuse mal-informed gun haters use to further regulate guns which is unpractical and untrue by definition. i would like to ask one of those guys why its ok for a cop to brandish.

    disclosure is stupid anyway. the only people that will disclose are the ones you do not have to worry about.

    not that any of this legislation is legal according to the constitution.
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    Agreed Bird...
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    now if i could just use that to gain 10 to 12 customers in the next 19 days
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    And if you don't?
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    Like I posted earlier in this thread, don't give, or take advice from anyone on the net about CCW do's and dont's. KNOW YOUR OWN STATE'S LAWS!!

    Here in MI we must disclose immediately to a cop when stopped either in a vehicle or on foot. No shouting needed, just a simple I have a CPL and I am or am not carrying today. Keeps your hands out of your pockets and in plain view.

    MCRGO here in MI is the strongest pro gun group we have, and they send e-mails regularly about all the laws and what to do/not do regarding this stuff when you sign up for their news letter.
  6. birddseedd

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    Then i try to find part time work. already sent my resume back to my old job.
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    I carry whenever I'm not at my other job. I have been carrying for 10yrs and plan to carry for many more.

    There alot of posts from people saying what you should do and when to do it, but the majority of what I have read is wrong...for me. It seems alot of people here are forgetting that what they know to be "truth" could easily get someone else put in jail. Gun laws vary, widely, state to state and what is right for you may be wrong for someone a few miles down the road. Know the laws for YOU, and YOUR state/locality.

    In PA, I will NOT tell a cop I have a gun during a traffic stop unless there is a high probability that it will be seen. If it is concealed, then he doesn't need to know, and thats the law. There is no duty to inform in PA. I say IF its concealed because in PA open carry is legal. I open carry often and have never had an issue with it. In PA, we even have a law explicitly stating that we are within our rights to shoot a dog if there is a threat to human life or injury, let alone the right to stand our ground and defend ourselves from another human being.

    Herler has said that if even saw a gun on a person he would call the police. In PA, the police couldn't do anything more than a "mere encounter". Not official stop, no frisk, no ID check, (with VERY few exceptions, i.e. within Philly, state of emergency, etc). The officer could ask me to talk to him, and I could ignore him and carry on with my business. This has been established by the PA supreme court, and in fact, the city of Philly is being sued over an incident where they over reacted to a person open carrying (gonna be a multi million dollar suit).

    Another thing about PA, we have preemption. That means no city, township or municipality may not, in any manor, make any law in regards to the possession, carry, restriction or ownership of firearms. This right is reserved for the state legislature ONLY.

    I don't expect people NJ or a few other places to carry, nor see the point of it. They have been sterilized of the right to carry concealed and in some cases even ownership of certain guns, so the act of carrying is foreign to them.

    Also, I could give a damn less what your buddy the cop says. The WORST place to get legal info is from a cop. Period. I am friends with many cops, not just a hi how are you friend, the kind of friends that we lend each other firearms, go to their kids birthday parties, etc. And I have heard them tell other people things that are wrong when it comes to firearms. I KNOW they were wrong, and now they do to. I told them they were wrong, then when they questioned me, I showed them a pdf of their own annual training manual on my phone that stated they were wrong. They then asked how I got a copy of the manual. If you want legal advice, ask an attorney. Not your buddy the cop.

    Saying you will go to jail for shooting someone in self defense is a blanket statement that is usually wrong. I can think of a few cases in the past year that the DA was on the news saying, it was self defense and no charges would be filed. Again, the political climates change state to state, town to town.

    Basically, believe none of what you hear and half of what you read. Don't get legal advice from cops, know the laws that apply to YOU, and know how to use your firearm.
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    The US constitution does this as well. legally States CANNOT have ANY legislation on guns. Period. according to the constitution anyway(unless someone looses their right, not sure how that works)

    I'm afraid that not many people actually know the real truth about why we carry guns. a lot of people that carry on a daily basis do not even know why. it is NOT to protect ourselves from criminals. although that is an obvious benefit.


    good post
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    Why on earth does one need to carry a gun?
  10. TuffTurfLawnCare

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    True, however since the US Supreme Court has the power to legislate via case law, they have given the states the rights to make laws, most recently with the Heller and McDonald decisions. Some states, like PA, have better wording when it comes to the right keep and bear arms.

    I'm not a constitional scholar so I can't go into the specifics, but the constitution enumerates certain rights to the states. Then you add in the crap politicians do, with a healthy does of case law, viola... you have the mess of 20,000+ gun laws.

    I'll keep carrying. ;)

    Why not? Its your right to do so, and a cop is to big to hang on my belt. With typical response times of over 20 min in the country, youd be at the pearly gates before the cops even find the address. Plus, as per the US Supreme Court, the police have no duty to even respond to a call for help. I take responsibility for my own safety and protection. Some people would rather wait for the police. I have no problem with that, thats a personal choice. My problem is when someone who chooses to rely on police, trys to force their decision on me by trying to prevent me from using a gun to protect myself.

    Here are a TON of good reasons to carry a gun. These kinds of stories never make it to the news but they happen every day all day in this country.
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