How many of you keep a firearm in the truck or on you?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by MooseMan89, Feb 26, 2013.

  1. A. W. Landscapers  Inc.

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    We can't change the truth…the truth is just that, the truth…the facts determine which statements are truthful and which statements are not. The truth can't just be changed like one can change one's opinion or feelings or emotions. Facts are facts and the truth is the truth.
  2. TriCityLawnCareLLC

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    I'm surprised they have t locked this thread yet. But I like the kahr cw9 for carrying
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  3. birddseedd

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    well. seems due to being a murderer (aka, being in posession of a firearm) i have no family nor church. business and my own wife and child seem to be all thats left

    course, the ones that get paid to have guns, military, officers and security guards, don't get escorted out of the church.

    Maybe i should start a security company.
  4. TPendagast

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    Man I got busy and never saw where this topic went.

    Do you realize I show up to a clients property typically, on any given job with enough equipment to level their entire house and kill their entire family at will?

    I can murder them all with my chainsaw, never mind the excavator, skid steer, bulldozer and everything else I have brought on a customers property.

    I dont mention I have a pocket knife on me either, should I mention that?

    see here's the difference…I have no constitutional right to the bull dozer, I do have one for the firearm.
    No, I don't tell anyone about it.
    I don't HAVE to, unless law enforcement official specifically asks me if I do.
    I can go wherever I please with it in my vehicle or on my person.
    There is some imagery magic line with "private property" some people want to invent, that the constitution somehow stops at their property line.
    Sorry it doesn't.

    by the way, my truck that the gun sits in most of time could run through your living room and kill your entire family watching leave it to beaver.

    The exact purpose of a concealed firearm is so people don't know you have it and you don't tell them you have it…
    I don't discuss the color of my under ware with them either.
  5. birddseedd

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    I open carry. They don't care. If they don't care I don't see the need in pinching my fat folds
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  6. Joe Shooner

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    I'm also curious if this is something that changes as a company grows. Meaning, I would guess that larger companies probably have a clear-cut policy about firearms, one way or another.
  7. birddseedd

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    Most companies stick with the politically correct thing to do and say no firearms.
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  8. Joe Shooner

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    That's sort of what I would have guessed.
  9. birddseedd

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    Good reason to own your own company.
  10. OakTreeLawnCareNixaMO

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    My Dad Has His CCW & Alway's Carrie's His Ruger LCRx In .38 Special & I Am A Professional Knife Collector So I'll Alway's Have My Spyderco Endura 4 On Me. I Also Have My Remington 870 In My Truck Sometime's.

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