How many of you keep a firearm in the truck or on you?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by MooseMan89, Feb 26, 2013.

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    In most states, the ccdw permit number is the same as your Drivers license number; it is that way in Tennessee as well and it will advise the officer when the license check is done that the particular person has a CCDW also. Regardless, if you carry make sure you are legal. I know in Kentucky you can carry a handgun in your glove box and it is not considered concealed. In any job where you have contact with the public and have high dollar items with you, it is a good idea to carry if you can legally. There are a lot of scumbags that are just looking for a crime of opportunity/victim.
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    haha, good point
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    NOT in Ohio. If you don't declare that you have a weapon on you or in the truck as soon as the officer comes to the vehicle you can and will lose the gun and your permit for a year.

    The answer above is correct. 2 hands on the wheel and when he approaches the vehicle let him know you have a weapon in the vehicle. Remember he knows if you have a CCW as soon as he runs your plates. If the Plates are in your name.
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    Carry everywhere I go. Ruger LCP as of now will be getting a 9mm this year to carry. Also have one in the truck as well.
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    Very interesting stuff guys. I'm thinking about keeping another handgun in the truck since the one on me is not as easy to pull out while I am seated (if needed).
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    So, are all you people that carry firearms going to start listing them in your signature, like you do with everything?

    Hi, I'm Groomer,
    I use a 60" exmark
    and a 48" exmark
    and an assortment of weaponry. don't f with me. lol
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    The laws vary from state to state, but. In NC, if i didn't have a CCW, and a police car pulled me over, I would unconceal my gun, and put my hands,open,on the steering wheel, before the officer could get out of his car. If he sees it concealed you get to help the government grow their business. They will make a big deal out of it.

    When you go get the right to carry concealed, you've given up some of your 2nd amendment rights. You then have agreed to LIMITED gun rights. Other laws have also limited your rights. In NC, there several places that you cant carry your gun. Don't expect the police to know where these places are. .But if you violate it, BIG trouble. Just drop your kid off at school in the morning and forget that you have a gun in your car. We have tag readers in some police cars, that automatically run tags as the police car is driven around...allegedly looking for stolen cars,etc. It will also identify ccws. When i go to the Oprah, and go into a vacant parking garage to retrieve my car after midnight to go home. The criminals know that I don't have a weapon on me.

    No one wants a felon to have a firearm. But felons usually have a gun. I know a fellow that broke into cars at 18 years old. Hes a felon for life, and will now be less employable for life..
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    Whe I go to the Oprah?
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    I am sure glad I don't have to worry about these problems. Not sure who said "I carry a gun because i need to provide for my family and need to protect my means of making a living" (paraphrased). If you live in an area as bad as you guys are describing why wouldn't you do everything in your power to move you and your family to a safer area? It doesn't sound like you guys are poor folks from the getto Thst just cant get ahead and have no other options.
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    Even "safer areas" have incidents. Always be prepared. I've got new tires on my truck but I still carry a spare.

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