How many of you keep a firearm in the truck or on you?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by MooseMan89, Feb 26, 2013.

  1. Greg78

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    Forgot to add. I've seen 2 eastern diamondback rattlesnakes, countless feral hogs, several gators this past year. Also there have been bears in "city" areas this past year.

    One poster on here was attacked by a dog.
  2. gpservices

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    from CT
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    I just got my pistol permit here in CT and still undecided when or if ill conceal. Anway i dont work in any bad areas and am usually able to park off the road but last year i was mowing and out of the woods came a coyote with mange (a disease taking away body hair and making them very sickly) and obviously some other disease maybe rabbis, and was not afraid of people or my mower, and i was in a neighbor hood with kids playing, called animal control and said it has to attack a human before they could get involved, i wish i had at least my 22 in the truck and thinking of carying it this year.
  3. dstifel

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    My buddy is a cop and he told me the best thing to do is just hand your cc permit to the cop with your drivers license and proof of insurance. Wonder what Kajuns take is on this didn't he used to be a cop?
  4. Jaybrown

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    Crazy. No need for any guns here in Canada. Lol. Safest place and I'm proud to live here
  5. Greg78

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    It's the same way in FL your CW LICENSE isn't linked to your driver's license in any way.
  6. Greg78

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    I got tired of all the signatures with "brag lists" so I turned them off in the User Control Panel. Much nicer browsing the threads now.
  7. GrassGuy309

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    Glock 21 IWB. We have vests year round and that helps to conceal it a little extra. Also a Kabar on my right hip. Never leave your weapons in your truck. When they steal your stuff they get free guns.

    AHSLLC LawnSite Member
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    Food for thought: Last July I went to a property to measure the lot for a potential customer. I was there 15 minutes and walked back to my truck. I am always aware of my surroundings and noticed some younger men following me. Got back to the truck sitting on a one way street and was writing some quick notes. Shots fired, car backed in front of me, and three young men running towards me with a gun. I have my CCW and carry my Glock 100% of the time. I was able to reverse down the street with a trailer and mowers at a quick rate. The only thing that stopped the guys chasing me was my Glock out the window with the threat of returning fire.

    Never thought it would happen to me, always carried as a precaution. I can replay that day in my head and still see the guys, the neighbors on the porch, and the car that blocked to road.

    My point to some on here, I don't carry for the purpose of using my gun, I carry with the hope of never drawing it. Cops came, took statements, and nothing happened. That day, it took my threat of returning fire to spare my life.
  9. GrassGuy309

    GrassGuy309 LawnSite Member
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    Did the cops catch the guys or did they go off and do it to somebody else?
  10. AHSLLC

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    Never caught them. My statement and description ( I knew which house they came out of) got them nowhere. Neighbors on porch only heard shots, ran inside and didn't see anything else. Naturally, I avoid that area now...

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