How many of you leave your equip outside uncovered during the off season?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by michigangrass, Apr 21, 2003.

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    I have a 28 by 32 garage that i use for my shop. If i have a big project going on in there, and i want to keep the mowers out for more room, i have a huge tarp that will go over the whole trailer, and back of the truck if need-be.

    In the winter everything goes out back to my barn, after i dig all of the snow removal equipment out of it.
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    We're located in Ann Arbor...not to give out too much but the mentioned party is over near SOuth Lyon.
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    Oh ok, this is definitely not him, then. This guy is out by Flushing. I always told my girlfriend when we drove by his place, that he is going to lose that mower sometime. Even out there, stuff gets ripped off from people in the city.
  4. I always put my stuff in the garage or tarped on the trailer in the drive way if i`m gonna cut the next day. but the 2 cycle stuff is always in the garage or in the truck box with the tuneau cover locked. there`s hardly any crime here i`m not worryed about the mowers the`ll never get them outta the drive way... cant get them between the truck and the house:D and there is only 4 ztrs in my town(2 walkers, 1 gravely and mine) so if some one sees it within 20 miles of here they know its mine. the 2 cycle stuff is alot easyer to take. Once I left my fully loaded trailer on the paved service road beside my ball diamonds for 2 hrs when i went out to supper, in plain view of the highway. came back and nothing was gone. my area is pretty quiet the most that ever goes on here is ppl stealing road signs , hitting mailboxes and ppl growin weed in corn feilds. My stuff is pretty safe:cool:

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    hey guys anyone who leaves his equipment out in the snow all year is a stroke and most likely will not be in business for long.just my opinion.
  6. Well yeah! In Buffalo NY where you get eight foot snows!
    The weight of the snow would probably just crush the equipment!:D

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    Off season?.......what off season..well, maybe mid Jan to mid Feb.

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