How many of you "operate" from your residential property or partly?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Ramairfreak98ss, May 12, 2009.

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    We have rented space on a farm for storage, equipment etc. I primarily do NOT use this location though for all daily routine for my business though because it would just add more time to each day to have to drive the car from my house to the shop, then get everything ready, have employees meet us there, then drive back home after my day is done etc.

    I've never really considered that id "have" to have the business somewhere else until now. The problem is, we really dont have enough space at EITHER my home residence OR the farm, buildings, storage and outside area to operate the company 100%. I keep about 50%/50% of equipment/trucks etc. at both places. My neighbors have not complained and i talk to most of them on a regular basis. We dont leave early in the morning, earliest im outside loading up is 8am normally, and dont make much disturbance after 8pm ever.

    We dont have trucks/trailers coming and going that often, at least i dont think so. We dont have deliveries here. NONE of my vehicles nor my employees park on the street.

    Yet the neighboring "property" also owned by the same "builder" mr handyman fixerupper that sold us this property, his wife called the township and complained so much about us a few weeks ago that we had code enforcement here, with several citations AND zoning office for running a business from the property.

    We have currently a "small" mulch pile, maybe a few yards if that which is nothing for the work we normally do, a few trucks, and 3 trailers here.

    Code enforcement got pissed off mainly because of things being "untidy", so i cleaned up, then about the brush pile, then about the wood pile, same as last year when the wife of the guy called the township.

    I know several lawn and small time landscape companies that operate from their homes, SMALL homes, and small properties, they barely fit their truck and trailer in their driveways and have been doing so easily for years. We've lived in this house for almost 3 years and i think the time is up.

    Zoning tells us we must provide them with our physical company address. We have a po box, residential house address and farm address, but no mail ever goes there for the business so i have always kept the po box.

    They said since we provided them with the operating address, there should never be ANY supplies, equipment, trucks or trailers associated with the business on my property. It was bad enough they gave me **** for having "unregistered" or out of inspection stickers on some of the cars, im into racing and have a bunch of time, all newer, not junkers or rotting cars here.

    My neighbor across the street, dont know what he does but they have 3 cars a van and a truck, they also have 2-3 snow plows that have never moved sitting at the side of their driveway and a 28' trailer that hasnt moved for the last 3 years. Another neighbor runs a private daycare out of her house, nice lady and thats her own thing but in the end... my property looks the best "from the street" of course landscape, lighting/turf wise and i get the "uncleanliness" violations, rediculous.

    In NJ, commercial property is usually "retail" frontage and say 1 mil for a 1/2 acre corner lot on a highway :/ Cant find anything back in the woods or whatever. Ive also looked into renting, haha, $1500-2500 a MONTH to start just to get a physical tiny office, maybe a small shop to bring 15% of our equipment into and maybe 1 car... still most i couldnt have a "yard" outside with mulch/dirt/stone/sand/salt piles or anything of that nature.

    We are not a joe smoe company, but not nearly big enough to fork out $2-3k a month in unncessary expenditures that would only make things difficult since none would be big enough to accomodate ALL of our business supplies and equipment. I have two single 1 car garage/sheds that house most of our tools and small landscape equipment and a 1130sq ft pole barn going up that i was going to make the upstairs my new "larger office" that was going to be 45' wide and about 12' deep for the upstairs with several large dormers.

    The garage is just getting the floor poured in the next couple weeks, been swamped with work, and now we possibly will have to move to a place that can allow a landscape business... like a farm:confused:

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