How many of you run your business out of your house?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by CTS Lawn & Landscape, Sep 22, 2012.

  1. CTS Lawn & Landscape

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    My plans is to move out towards the country side but not too far away from everything and get cheap land to build a new home and pole barn on... Problem is convincing the wife to live further away. Have some great areas, but she doesn't like the Schools, even though they rank well, or on the up swing with the new levies past. I feel the further away from city ares the better off and less they can say about you doing so. No way will we live in an HOA, They'd have my butt for all the equipment and toys/ hauler I'd have! lol

    Currently paying a mortgage and for two units with my trailer taking the weather beating sucks. Old shop before I moved into my wifes house use to sit on a 40x15 shop. I figure with money saved from renting and building a pole barn in the long run I'll be better off. Plus with my little girl turning one and another on the way, having my shop in the backyard I won't feel so bad leaving them to go work on equipment or toys. Plus security of having all my stuff in my yard makes me feel better, than 3 miles away.

    Thanks for all your posts and keep them coming... didn't think this post would take off as much as it did!

    Now... just gotta try and convince her country living is better than being within the city!
  2. Darryl G

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    Yes, but the hard part is getting them to realize that you're working and not available to do all those little things with/for them even though you're home. I had to train my kids to recognize when I was working and when I wasn't. I told them if I had my boots on I was working.
  3. Toro 455

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    I'm 50 miles from Cincy, and there's still no cheap land. You're right get far enough out and you can do what you want, even run a meth lab.

    Cincinnati has award winning schools and it has some that resemble prisons. Neighborhoods are everything. My daughter & son-in-law are considering paying tuition & driving my grandaughter every day to a better school in Cincinnati.

    When your kids get to school age you will appreciate your wife's choices and focus less on your problems with running a business.
  4. Glenn Lawn Care

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    I run my operation out of my house. It a tight squeeze but it works for me.
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  5. Kelly's Landscaping

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    34 acres same state yet here that would fetch 3 million. Iv been buying up neighbors little by little and someday may piece together 15-20 acres but you don't want to know the aggravation and cost in doing that.
  6. Darryl G

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    I have 1/2 mile of frontage on a tidal river that wanders about 3 miles out to Long Island Sound, so my property is pretty valuable too (I've turned down solid 7 figure offers). I pieced it together as well, with the key piece being my house lot that has city water available and access to a main road, key ingredients for a subdivision. The other side only has 8 feet of road frontage and no city water, but utilities have been brought in about 500 feet to a house that's imbedded in my property. As it stands now I could only put in 4 to 6 more houses without going for subdivision approval, which would be pretty silly in a half acre zone. It's pretty much my retirement fund.
  7. Kelly's Landscaping

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    That is sweet but like me I think you won't do that. I'm 500 feet off the road as well with woods on all 4 sides of my home and there is no going to traditional neighborhoods after that. I have 4 different properties in my reach that will become available to me one by one and my next step will be removing houses and increasing my privacy which is so worth it.

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    Theres benifits to both. I know when I was bidding 3 shopping malls earlier in the year that required 130 yards of mulch. I was thinking I should just open up a mulch yard.

    I think that would be the way to go. Get a commercial property with a little 2 bay garage and land to sell materials. Make a income from the property while being able to service your equipment and store it all.
  9. ACA L&L

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    I bought my first house cheap. it was on a busy street, parked 2 trailers in the garage no problem. After awhile business got to big for the garage so we moved it to a larger commercial storage facility, had like 5 shops with electric/water. rent was good, gated with cameras, that worked for about 2 years, we could fit 4 trailers and 2 trucks in the unit with room to have equipment stored and what not..........unti was cleaned out one night!!They peeled the door off the unit like a can of soup, had a semi truck/trailer come threw load all the units up and jam out!! camera caught it all except a visible plate, they torched the gate open!!
    Lost everything, insurance sent a check for around 3k, lost almost 30k of equipment, zero turns, handhelds, aerators you name it!
    I started searching for a lot big enuff to have room for all the trucks and trailers, and I found it. I can fit 4 railers, plows, salter, spraye rigs, part is it is all secure with a gate and 2 german shepards...and a paranoid owner...every noise I hear is a possible robbery. I can afford to move to a off location easy, for now Im not gonna take the chance again. im lookng to buy/build a storage facility that I can have a shop and a decent house on top of the office and units that we can rent out. This idea has been swimming in my head for awhile. Afer that we can add a car wash to the same lot, and a pizza joint next door with a small arcade for kids.......kinda like the one you went to after school when you were a kid! Anyway home shop works for me.
  10. ryan41

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    I am 21 and have been in the business for 2 years now. I live at home still and keep my trailer on the side of the house. I rent a storage unit 10x20 - gated with cameras for $75.00 a month. I use my parents garage to clean/work on equipment and store it all at the storage unit. The storage facility is right next the police station in town so i'm not too worried about theft. The storage unit is nice, gets all my equipment out of my parents garage. Next is to move out & get a place of my own :)

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