How many of you


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How many of you use only walkbehinds and why? And how big of a cut would use on a walkbehind or does it matter.


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Columbus Ga
i have gone from a Front line 21" to a midsize 36" to a walker 42" why....i had to wait on some deals...or i would have started with the walker but i still own the 21"/36" never know when you'll need them ...they don't eat much and their paid for...

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Glastonbury, CT
i started out my business about 2 yrs ago with a 48 inch scag with a 17hp kawisaki. the mower works out great and its a necesstiy to have. it fits into real tight places. i am currently looking at turf tigers and will probably purchase one in the spring. i think using just walk behind starts to get tiring after day after day of walking. like gene gls says. why walk when you can ride


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Portsmouth, VA
So far only WB with sulkies. Will be getting a rider as soon as possible. They allow you to be more productive and you aren't as tired at the end of a day of work. There is a much larger expense, but I think it will be worth it. I will keep a WB unit around as a backup.

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