How many one guy operations do fertilizing

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    How many one guy operations also do fertilizing? If you do do you do it after you mow or come back a few days later. I know that you get better spray coverage on weeds when they have grown a day or so but I am just curious?
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    I do granular (except for broadleaf). I leave 2 days of each week for my applications, but if I have one out of the way, I take my stuff w/ me so I can do theirs while I'm there mowing.
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    I do granular, after mowing, about every 60 days during the growing season. Pre-m in the fall and spring. Lime in the winter, if needed.
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    I do a full fert package based on soil test results. I am having the same problem becasue all of my clients want to be mowed from wed to fri, so I have to spread and spray after mowing.
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    Look, first thing you want to do is educate yourself on soil ph levels and how fertilizer affects it because nitrogen lowers the ph so next thing you know you got yourself acidic soil.

    Fertilizer is like a drug, it super-boosts the lawn but after the effect wears off it's almost like the lawn has a hang over, and you can do it again and again but every time you use fertilizer the effect is less, and less... That is the problem with everybody wanting something for nothing, you got all these companies dumping fert to please the customer, then they call a guy like me and wonder why I almost never use fertilizer as the first or final solution, when I know for a fact if there exists a ph imbalance then first you need to level the ph.

    So I find lime can be as effective of a treatment, more so if fertilizer has been put down recently, also gypsum works very nicely.
    But that's just the basics, there's a lot to it, it takes time to learn so I just thought I'd mention this, don't let it bother you to death but something to keep in mind.

    Now beyond that I don't mix jobs...
    I don't go out grass cut one, fert the next, trim this and etc etc, that would drive me nuts playing musical equipment with stuff...

    I plan ALL the same work for the whole day, be it grass cutting or mulch or whatever, one thing is all I load up for and is all I am doing.
    So when it comes time to fert it's load up the truck with ALL the bags for everybody and the spreader and go to town, blam and lol.
    I very rarely cut grass on a day like that, for one the mower and the fert get in each other's way, next thing I know the deck done ripped one of my bags and I got fertilizer dribbling all over my trailer, been there, done that, forget it.
    Get all the grass cutting knocked out, unload the mower, then load up with what I need and see ya in the evening, I can do 4-6 or more lawns / day via this method and not be half as tired later, but that's just me, to each their own.

    btw it's highly effective to do all same-same the whole day, for me.

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