How many people do you know that lost their lawn biz?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ConPro, Mar 20, 2003.

  1. ConPro

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    When and why they went out of business? It is a tough business, but very possible to make a nice living. Lot of hard work and some common sense.
  2. bobbygedd

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    i know 2. both one man operations. first guy went out cus he said it was too competative. trying to run a legit business, and competing with lower priced has made it imposible for him to make a decent living. guy #2 needed to work a second job to provide bennies for his wife and 2 kids, the workload was too much.
  3. BobR

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    A LCO local to me went out of business three years ago, reasons were many, accounts spread over two wide an area - majority of his accounts were 90 minutes away from home - lots of new (expensive) equipment and was doing lawns for 10 & 15 dollars. He had lots of accounts was working two crews but couldn't make ends meet. Talking with this person was a trip, he would have you believe that the world was his oyster and the things that were going sour was the result of poor work ethic of his crews. Probably put in over 60 hrs a week and not enough money to pay his bills.
  4. DanG

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    I know of a couple near me just in the last year.
    I Picked up some of their accounts too.:D

    One went out because he had helpers that didn't do squat when they were supposed to be working. (Be gone for 8hrs and only do 3 lawnswhen they should have done 10 etc..)And on top of that he had just gotten divorced and that messed up his head. (Been there myself)

    And the other had pretty much the same thing happen. Took on a ton of work & then found out he had unreliable help. And the work showed it(unhappy customers)

  5. Bunton Guy

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    I see some scrubs here one season you know mowing next to me and all....I happen to pass by their house and see their truck and trailer there from time to time and then the next season I see they still live there but they have sold the truck and trailer and all the equipment....obviously couldnt make it on good work and referals.
  6. jeffex

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    Last years drought knocked off another lco in my area. Too dependent on mowing income and no contracts. He worked for a restaurant as assistant mgr. in the winter and was made an offer he couldn't't refuse. 8-9 month season here and you have to make a yrs income in that time. Many of his customers are calling me and I am pricing them higher. I don't have commercial contracts so I do pressure washing to diversify. During the drought last year we thrived on that work.

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