How many people here they are crazy when they tell friends they are starting

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by GREENTIMEJG, Sep 23, 2007.


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    Who many of your friends and people you know tell you that you are crazy for wanting to start a lawn care business? Every one I talk about it with says it is way to much work or you can not make any money doing that. Even my wife thinks I am nuts for being on here looking at things and trying to find out information that may help business.I do not care what they think I like grass and I hate working for someone else.:drinkup: :usflag:
  2. stevenf

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    My friends thought the same thing until I got one of them to help me do a flowerbed job and he found out how much I was making from it.
    My parents to thought I was crazy for spending money on equipment and dad said Im to lazy to do work in the heat like that. Now my dad is offering to co-sign a $6,000.00 loan for a new mower in Feb. and my mom is starting to see the potential also.
    Didnt really matter to me what they thought. I had done a small bit of lawnwork before and I alone realized the potential it had when mixed with alot of hard work and patients.
  3. All_Toro_4ME

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    Im glad to see you guys stay with your dreams. Dont let others stand in your way. My gf questioned it as well, and didn't like the idea as she also said there is no money in lawncare and the prices I was charging was waaay to high, and that it isn't right to charge it. I think i've heard it all as far as when it comes to discouragement. Business is better then ever and Im still holding down a full time job. Looking forward to fall cleanups.
  4. Coinshooter

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    Hmm My father is a CPA and hes all for it. Im starting next spring, But I do have
    ten years of business management under my belt and also about the same amount of time in lawn care... I get married in two weeks and the future wife is all for it. But it does help that the owner of the company she works for is a friend of mine and he hints to her that I would be good with my own business :D
  5. Daddy Joes Lawn Service

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    I live in small town where any job is 7.50 or if you cross the river and make that long drive. They too told me i'm nut's for doing this i heard this day in day out. So i took my friend's out long time ago lets go do this job we went and did know how much time did it take well this is what we made on the job take this x 35 customers a week. You can't make that in this small town he never said any thing any thing any more!!
  6. rhatala

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    I always get customers and friends telling me I am crazy for starting a landscape company because I should be using my college degree, don't get me wrong the degree is great but I disliked the desk jobs. Their advice is all the same, stay with a company for 30 years and they will give you a great retirment plan, its safer that way. I hate working for someone else to make them rich. Anyways my brother and I started the company dispite everyone saying we will fail and now they are all envious we are making a mint after only1 season. My folks made a total turn around and the family says what a great thing we did so my advice is do what you love and you will succeed. Listen only to yourself when it comes your company.
  7. topsites

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    What, you must be crazy.

    It's like that in every business thou...
    If you were starting out BIG (think millions) then it's "you dont have all that" etc etc
    The SAME people who always said we should do something...

  8. ExclusiveLawnCare

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    Yes all my Friends and Family are saying the same thing to because I wanna start out a Lawncare in spring 08. So im buying all my stuff right now and have gotten many get deals already and I have like 7 Aeratoring jobs within two days of buying my machine. So I'm gonna put myself to it and show my Family and people what I can do by myself.

    So this site has given me some good info to think what and what not to do. So Thanks guys.
  9. tjsquickcuts

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    Dont worry about having a degree and doing landscaping....believe it or not, it will work to your advantage in the long run....I Graduated from UVa with Secondary English ed degree, but just didnt want to teach school even though I have always dreamed of coaching high school football.....but nevertheless, everyone thought I was nuts....Now, everybody is just so proud......Its funny, but most people have no idea just how much money is in Lawn Care and Landscaping.....But just use everyone who doubts you as your motivators.....and as bad as I wanted to, I didn't ask anyone for help so I owe NO ONE but ME, MYSELF, and I.....
  10. topsites

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    You know something just occurred to me thou...

    Yeah but it's not true, or at least it's not like everyone cracks it up to be, the corporate route is nothing but lies, lies, and more lies, even the great 30-year retirement dream is Bee Ess it doesn't work like that!

    No matter what you do, you provide your retirement, the corporations enable it for you but you still pay for it, it comes out of your paycheck and you have to plan it and do it because the corporation in and of itself don't and won't do squat for you except everyone steps all over you while backstabbing you and your family and lyeing in your face with false smiles and fakeness.

    That was my whole problem, I can admire those who can tolerate the bull because it's nothing but office politics and backstabbing who-kisses-great-butt and who-blew-what and all that, don't forget that in real life selling yourself out does backfire on you so then in the end you feel all used up, everyone just uses you to get themselves ahead and most end up the loser too and it never ever ends.

    Now as an Lco nothing comes easy, you have to grab the bull by the horns and provide your own retirement, nobody enables it for you, nobody hands you the plan, but the flipside of that coin is nobody sneaks it out from under your nose at the very last minute.

    Because in the corporate world just when you did put in your 40+ years for the SAME jerks your whole life, right when you're about to realize your dream, 3-4 years before you finish your great career, that's when the layoffs start, and they start with you, mere inches from the goal you're forced to quit and compromise that retirement plan for a lump sum of cash buy you out for the last time but that's all that ever happens in the corporate world.

    That, to me, is the number ONE reason why most people in this world appear to be sick in the head: The corporations... They lie and lie to these people until the people believe the lies, but the flipside is it makes them sick in the head, and step back and look at the big picture long enough and you can see it.

    It's true, at least as an Lco I get it and give it straight, it's not pretty and it's hard work and I get a lot of dirty and weird looks, but at least it's always true. Because that's what keeps me going is the truth of this job is so good, there's no comparing this to the lies of the corporate nightmare.

    Of course it's yin and yang, you always give up one end to achieve the other.
    As an Lco, I compromise the bigger sums of money, the bowkoo bucks, but don't think it's all that in the corporate world either, I've made as much if not more doing this than anything else, so...

    Just had to let it out sorry.

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