How many people should I take with me to lay 72yds. of mulch in 8 hours??

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Swordfish3081, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. Swordfish3081

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    Question everybody? I need to spread 72yds. of mulch at an apatment complex. Its pretty open and easy mulching. I am having the mulch delivered out to the site. 20yds of it is 2 openplay ground areas, and the other 52yds are boxes in front of the units, that are mainly open also. I would like to get it done in atleast 8 hours. How many people should I take with me?? Thanks !!
  2. unkownfl

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    Skid Steer?
  3. R & R Yard Designs

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    5-6 good guys will get it done. This past monday and tuesday we did 140 with 5 guys in 15 hours for 2 days.
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  4. kemco

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    I agree with the 5 or 6. One guy should be able to get out around 1 to 1 1/2 yds an hour if there's not much distance between delivery area and where the install is. But if you've got to move it more than around 20 yards in distance you might need a few more guys.
  5. nhmower

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    Is all the mulch being delivered to one spot or is it being dumped in several places to save time traveling back and forth with wheelbarrows. In my youth I spread that much with one other guy in a day but piles were dumped in 10-20 yard piles around the development.
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  6. hackitdown

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    A skidsteer is the best idea. But it may tear up the lawn. How about 3 men, 4 wheelbarrows, 1 skid or tractor?

    One guy loads the wheelbarrows with the machine. The other two guys run them to the beds while the loader loads the other 2 wheelbarrows. You could easily load two 10 cu/ft wheelbarrows in a couple of seconds.

    The distance to the beds would be the variable. But with a 30 second walk to the bed, and 30 seconds to get back, you could do four wheelbarrow loads in 2 minutes (about 1 yard). In three hours the mulch would be in the beds, which leaves 5 hours for raking it out.
  7. DuraCutter

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    Doesn't sound like the OP has a skid. If he did he probably wouldn't be here asking such a question. It always surprises me how guys have a hard time quoting. Do a few jobs guessing, and you'll quickly get the idea on how to estimate time. A good landscaper needs, no let me reword this, "absolutely" needs to be able to estimate!

    Learn by your mistakes, best way to learn... believe me.
  8. joe james

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    How much do you charge per yard installed ?
  9. GraZZmaZter

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    Duracutter - and how are you helping your fellow landscaper become the best that he can be?
  10. Lazer Cut

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    grazzmaster... by letting him learn from his mistakes, instead of getting all the info on here. ive learned that sure guys on here are insitful, but when it comes down to it, they can help mow, trim, mulch, cut down or anything for me... they are just words... i gotta find out by doing it myself...

    ive asked questions on here sure, not saying i havent, but ive also learned a lot from underbidding (accidentally) and learned the hard way

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