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How many ponds a year do you guys do?

Discussion in 'Water Features' started by andyslawncare, Aug 1, 2009.

  1. andyslawncare

    andyslawncare LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 812

    I'm learning at school, building my own at home, and enjoy the work that goes into a pond.

    I currently offer full service landscape management & I'm getting more and more install and design jobs. I'd like to add ponds to my service, but I'm curious of some things...

    How many per year do you build?
    Costs vs. Profit?
    Sizes of ponds in your areas (I live 20 mins. south of Atlanta)?
    Are they pond-less, waterfalls with pond, or still ponds?
    What suppliers do you recommend?
    Commercial, industrial, residential, government?
    Sizes and sources of stones?
    Use underlayment? Which type?
    Chemical balance? Fish types?
    Filters??? Bio?, mechanical??
    Skimmers? I want to save money on my own pond, is there a suggestion for mounting my pump and filter media in a homemade skimmer?

    I've learned a lot about nutrient balance for several years in my 150 gallon fish aquarium with full grown Chiclids... How hard is it to keep the water clean in a pond with fish? Anyone offer maintenance service to their pond customers?... If so, how often do you visit and how much do you charge them?

    I would like to move out one of my smaller fish tanks... 2 large mouth bass (~6'') and 4 brim (~3'') into my pond when its done. According to my math work, I will have a total of around 1600 gallons. The pump I'm buying for my pond will pump 1700 gph.

    Sorry! I have a lot of questions about building ponds... Budget at Griffin Tech (Griffin, Ga) is too low for our 5 person class to build a medium-large project!!! I think they are probably spending less than $300!!! WTF? I would pay more to learn this stuff...That's why I'm building my own...In a trailer park!! hahaha!!!!

    Thank you for any replies

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