How many rounds do you do?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by villagegreenlandscape, Aug 19, 2007.

  1. villagegreenlandscape

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    I've been doing 6 rounds per year for probably years and it seems to have worked fine. I've noticed a lot of companies lately have bumped up to 8 or sometimes more which in the past I considered more marketing than good for the customer. This year in Dallas we had HUGE amounts of rain which made everything grow great - lawns, broadleaf weeds and especially grassy weeds. I've had to make 4 or 5 free re-treat trips to a lot of houses which makes me think maybe I should stick in an extra round in early summer. Any thoughts?
  2. scweedman

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    If you have the people and the time do it.
  3. bug-guy

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    i have a friend who use to do 6 rounds a yr and now does 12
    he still applies the same ammount of N per yr just does smaller maint. each app mainly to help w/ weeds and chinch bugs. he thought it would be a hard sell but has actually taken off quite well. lawns look good also. doing more I.P.M.
    apps probably would differ in other regions
    i read alot of posts and am amazed on the regional aspects
  4. LawnDawg65

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    We do 7 on residential & 5 on commercial accounts in the same area, extra round of fert for res. lawns = more monet and greener. Thanks, Chris
  5. TurfProSTL

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    Although with grub prevention, nutsedge control, aeration and/or seeding, we average at or above 7.....
  6. scweedman

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    Turfpro do you charge extra for nutsedge? Some companies do.
  7. ampeg76

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    typing some nonsense here so the post will submit
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    Good question for us here in TX. This has been an unusual year for rainfall; especially compared to the last couple of years where we were blazing hot, bone dry, and just struggling to keep the lawns alive.

    I've stayed w/5 apps (+ 2 pre-m's with low or no fert carrier), but I'm gonna try to sell an additional fert app to some of my nicer - or needier - lawns. With all the rain, I used 21-0-0 often. Saved a lot of money over my usual slow release blends. But I don't have the "build-up" of stored N from slow release sources. Next (last) round is scheduled in mid to late Sept.

    I'm gonna try to get an app of 19-0-19 w/MESA (63% SRN) in for some customers now, and hit them with 21-0-0 again in early Oct. Meanwhile, Round 1 of pre-m starts just after Labor Day.

    Lawns don't go dormant here in Austin until just after Thanksgiving.
  9. TurfProSTL

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  10. scweedman

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    Can u get into the details on that, do you see the weed at the time of year
    and tell the customer i will have to charge you extra. Are do you charge up
    front fee? I always hate to get a customer in the winter or early spring
    because you don't know what nut grass will be like.It just seems like all
    weeds should be included not like fungus where i charge extra. Don't
    get me wrong i would like to charge extra!payup

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