How many side-job customers become regular mow customers?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Precision Lawns, Mar 13, 2006.

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    We've been putting out doorhangers for a few weeks now, and are going to start mowing this week. We've gotten a couple calls for mowing (price shoppers) but most of our calls have been for mulch, hedge trimming, aerating, and spring cleanups. Assuming that we land these side-jobs, do a good job, and the customer doesn't seem appalled at the price, how many normally then sign up to become regular mowing clients? Some of these customers have told us that they have a regular mowing guy, but he doesn't do mulch, hedges, etc. You think they'd be likely to switch to a company that offers more services? This is only our second season, and last season we didn't advertise the small landscaping services nearly as much as this season, so we aren't sure what to expect. Just wondering what the normal rate is for turning one-timers into regulars.
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    some do some dont. a lot of people enjoy cutting htier own lawn and sub out waht they dont want to do. i think i get the opposite my mowing customers come back to me for additional work ie aerating mulch palnting dethatching rennovating overseeding rolling.
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    We've had a good amount of regular mowing customers ask for add-on services as well, but they're not who I'm asking about. I was just wondering if there was a % or something of one-timers that turn into regulars. Because once they're regulars, they still want the additional services, and that's what makes us happy :)

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