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How many times have you had a sprinkler system come on while cutting

I had it happen to me 102 degree weather. Best thing that ever happened to me while mowing(Or so it seemed at the time).
I did an extra good job on the lawn so it would take a little longer:)

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LawnSite Senior Member
I had it happen. The old guy did it on purpose, I came around the corner and he was at the control box laughing his azz off.

Next week I re-adjusted one of the rotors so it would soak his smoking chair on the porch. I'll bet sitting on that wet foam for a morning smoke had him thinking of me, laughing my azz off.:laugh:

I'll always one-up a joker.:jester:
Not really all that often unless the irrigation program has been altered. My crews adhere to a pretty uniform schedule and they know what properties are serviced on what days.
I have only had one real pita who kept changing the programmed times on his controller. After a couple of times of interference I got fed up with re-routing this one pita. Seems he was changing the program times.
I don't think he was trying to mess with my guys, I just think he didn't understand a Hunter Pro-C controller.


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System turned on a few times just as I was pulling up to the house but never while I was working. But I have been ambushed on a golf course quite a few times - on the fairways and while putting on greens they just pop on !


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twice on the same yard in the same week