How many times where u STUNG last year????

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by cleancut, Jan 26, 2001.

  1. cleancut

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    Stingings seem to go in cycles...Two years ago, I didn't even hardly see a bee..The year before, I was stung 30 times by yellow jackets..Man those little ba****** mean business...Last year I was stung about 10 times by you guessed it, yellow jackets...I had one get under my sunglasses and he bit down on my eyebrow and kept stinging me around the eye..I finally just had to hit myself in the eye to kill the thing..That just goes with the territory though..Derrick (Clean-Cut)
  2. CCLC

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    We had a bad year here in Mid Michigan for bees this past year. Just about all of our employees received bee stings and one of them got chased and stung multiple times by one group. We always try to carry wasp/bee killer in the trailer and send one with the landscape guys just in case.
  3. Luckily not once. I have had a few close calls in the past though. Find wasp nest in fencerows when trimming under the fence and once under the soffit of a mini barn. They were rather upset when I saw them, even more so after I went to the truck and got the Raid.

    I've been stung lots of times in the past cutting and putting up hay on the farm when I was growing up. Always hated those bumblebees and wasp.

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  4. awm

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    I dont know exactly what it is but there is
    a type of stinging devil that lives in a hole underground
    They are very painful and dangerous to youngins
    and the elderly as they will attack in mass.I GASUM
  5. gene gls

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    I haven't gotten stung since I started riding.I like it that way!! Thoes yellow jackets are MEAN!! Gene
  6. Craig Jones

    Craig Jones LawnSite Member
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    In Northern Virginia we saw a lot of yellow jackets this year. There were at least five large nests in our properties this year. Last year my son was stung twice. This year my sons were stung once and my wife ran the mower over a yellow jacket nest and was rushed to the emergency room since she had multiple stings. We now carry spray at all of our jobs and keep a close eye for those nests.
  7. John DiMartino

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    Thi august,i was trimming a pond bank around 7am,and hit a ground nest,well i got stung about 20 times,all over the place.I nearly passed out from alergic reaction,got some benedryl,and a trip to the hospital.I have been stung hundreds of times before,and up to 10 at once,but this time they got me good.Now i carry the benedryl in my pocket when im working,just in case.
  8. jasonp

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    from Alabama
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    5 times but missed about 30 or so. Felt one hit my neck and after the first time you get quick at hitting yellow jackets as ou fell them, but anyway i felt one hit it off and turned the mower off and looked back and there was about 30 flying around. I got lucky i guess. But i carry some of that foaming killer with me now, but you have to wait on the yellow jackets to settle down before sparying the hole.
  9. Mark

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    Last season in southern In was awful. I got stung so many times i couldn't really tell you, but those little bitty wasp pack a mighty punch. I hope there not that bab this next yr. Marks Mowing Service
  10. Esby

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    Well I only got stung on 2 different occasions this past year. #1-I was mowing a side hill and out of nowhere I got stung twice, nearly at the same time. I failed to find a nest, so I thought it was just a freak thing. Was I wrong....#2-Ten days later I returned for another mowing...same side hill, only now I seemed to have found exactly where those pesky ground wasps were. Not only did I find them, my mower invited them out so we could get aquainted. I got stung 17 times...partially because I couldn't ditch my mower and run away, this would have resulted in my precious machinery rolling into the lake. That was a very bad feeling. Lets just say I returned and sprayed those suckers!!!

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