How many weeks in PA?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnranger44, Dec 14, 2001.

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    I just read the post by Nelson and I thought it would be a good idea to ask the same question to my fellow pennsylvanians! How many weeks do you include in your yearly contracts? where i live there is usually a shortage of rain in the summer months, so how do you manage that? thanks for the input guys
  2. fireball

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    26 weeks for grass cuttings at one cut per week. In actual practice you are operating on a five day cutting schedule in april and may, slide to a seven day schedule for June, ten day schedule for July, 14 day schedule for august, seven day schedule for September and one cut for Oct and Nov. In 1964, 1965, and 1986 we got 21 cuts due to drought
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    I just perused my records for the last (3) years, and the average for here in State College is 27. I find Fireball's schedule to be very close to mine, however I seem to accrue more cuts than (2) for the Fall months. Also, I rarely cut on a five day schedule, too much other work to complete.....
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    Twenty Something???
    Here we bid @ 42 and hope winter comes "early"......I'll be done by X-Mas!:)
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    Whats the point of charging a flat monthly rate if your going to make it a low number of cuts do to possible drought? I thought the whole advantage was to be ahead if there does happen to be a drought so you dont loose your shirt..... Most guys i know who charge a flat monthly rate do as follows.....If they would charge 25 bucks a cut there monthly fee would be 100 dolars from April to October no matter what. Although this really equals out for the customer because they dont charge more when there tripple cutting in spring most still get comlaints from the customers in August when they only cut one time.......I keep it simple and charge at the end of ever month for each mowing and each service provided individually....
  6. fireball

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    evan, I understand what you are doing but in your attempt to make it simple you always end up shortchanging yourself. What do you do in the 5 week months and what about income during the winter. What we do is write the contract to be all inclusive for year round service. There is spring cleanup, fall cleanup etc included in the price, spread over 12 months. 26 cuts is a basic minuim. If you cut more than 26 times due to weather conditions, you charge for the additional service as stated in the contract but at the very least you will be paid for 26 cuts whether you do them or not. Your bank payments don't stop because of droughts
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    You just have to learn to budget! I dont want my customers holding my hard earned money and paying it to me in installments all winter. Id rather have the money at the end of the month when the work was completed and earn interest on the money instead of letting the customer do so! Since my business is not just mowing droughts dont screw me as much as some others.....July and August I spend alot of time trimming shrubs, rip out jobs landscaping (yes i set up irrigation for them) and so forth. While im not working 60 hours a week in the dry months i do well enough to get by!
  8. RB

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    Our contract doesn't specify any number of cuts. We tell them it will be mowed weekly, except when the turf is not actively growing, then we may skip. When we skip, we always seem to stop by and edge or something. Our contract is 8 equal payments due on the first of every month Apr 1 - Nov 1. We mowed approx 25 times.
  9. Fireball posted my schedule exactly. Though I don't have records back to the '60s I do remember the drought of '86.

    Although I agree with Evan528 on the billing. I bill every month for work completed.

    I've offered customers all kinds of schedules, and this is what they all prefer. When summer arrives I schedule the residentials for Thursday & Friday.


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