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How many yards of concrete


LawnSite Senior Member
How many yards of concrete to pour a 12x12 slab 6" thick for a hottub. I've only done two and they were 8x8 and used bags, and i know that was probably more expensive. Anyone in NJ tell me how much they would charge for this, how much a yard($100?), how much for delivery? How long do I get the truck for? I will only need to move the concrete about 30 feet. Thanks for all the information.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Thats almost 4 Tons or 2.66 yards. Clayton Charges $100 bucks fuel surcharge on ANYTHING until further notice. Not sure what their per CY charge is but I get notices mailed to me monthy and their prices went up several dollars per CY since December 06. Better price it good, or just go rent a mixer from Home Depot. (I own my own and love it)


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What are you building a skyscraper foundation?$ 4" with rebar and heavy mesh will hold alot of weight,and i thought i overbuilt things.


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West Tn


LawnSite Member
Charlotte, NC
Just multiply 12 x 12 x 0.5, which gives you the cubic feet of concrete and divide by 27 to change it to 2.67 cubic yards. Order 3 yards for shrinkage/waste/etc.