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    jobs per day can I realisticly do based on a 8 hour work work day? These would be medium size residential homes with only a cut, trim/edge and blow. Based upon my own yard which takes 1 hr. 15 mins. with just a 21" push mower, I figure with larger equipment I could cut this time in half. I want to work alone but be able to support myself. I think in my city with a metro population over 1.2 million there should be enough business out there to max my time out. Also I was thinking of an average charge around $40 per yard, is this average below par?
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    It all depends on if you are going to do it by yourself or if you are going to hire a buddy or someone to help you. When we have our slow days and we only have about 2 or 3 customers a day, we use a 32" Ferris Walk-Behind and with adding trimming and blowing and once a month edging it takes him probably somewhere around 1 hour and 10 minutes per yard. When we have our employee, it only takes about 30 to 45 minutes per yard. We are also very throrough wiith our work though and make sure that everything is perfect. With our employee we can easily get 12 yards a day ...That is if something unexpected doesn't comes up though. When it is just one guy, that gets cut nearly in half to 6 to 7 maybe.
    And with your pricing. $40.00 sounds about right for an average yard. Our pricing is $30.00 weekly, $35.00 every 10 days, and $40.00 bi-weekly. Don't get yourself in a situation though and charge $40.00 on a yard that is incredibly huge or on an overgrown yard. On overgrown properties we have a $5.00 fee for the front yard and a $10.00 fee for the back yard. And if we have a call that someone wants their yard serviced that day, it is an extra $5.00 for an emergency service.

    GOOD LUCK!!! :) :) :)
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    First off, Look up and use the search button,,, it will help you find alot more answers than posting a vague question,,,, !) do you walk slow or fast? 2) how far between paying customers?,, drive time? 3) Medium size yard? you got a Sq Ft ? like 5000 or 35000, Do you own a measuring wheel?,, if not get one then try this:

    1/8 acre= 5,445 square feet
    ¼ acre= 10,890 square feet
    3/8 acre= 16,335 square feet
    ½ acre= 21,780 square feet
    5/8 acre= 27,225 square feet
    ¾ acre= 32,670 square feet
    7/8 acre= 38,115 square feet
    1 acre= 43,560 square feet

    1/8 acre: $30
    1/4 acre: $35
    3/8 acre: $40 <-- all prices adjusted for the amount of trimming also
    1/2 acre: $45 ----these reflect about 10 mins trim time for me
    5/8 acre: $50 ----and price goes up with more trim,,,
    3/4 acre: $55
    7/8 acre: $60
    1 acre: $65
    Over 1 acre: $65 per acre + $20 for each additional acre
    Example:3 acre lawn would cost $105.

    When a cust sees me measure there lawn and check my rate charts, they get a feeling of a legit biz with legit prices and they lose the feeling that you just a newbee at this and don't know what the heck your doing,,, As you go along you will start to see the price in your head as you pull up to a place for the est. based on your own yard what would you want for 1.25 hrs work? $40?
    would you pay some one $40 bucks to mow it for you? If you had a 48 inch mower and could do it in 25 mins what would you charge? or pay? Most Guys on here shoot for a buck a min or $60 hr When you tell people you charge $60 hr they almost Crap there pants on the spot.:dizzy: So you say $40 to mow and do it in 40 mins and your happy and there happy! you got your 60 per hr and they got lawn mowed,,,, So you see you will make more money faster with a 48 in deck instead of 21,,,,
    Please don't take offense to anything I have said here,,, I'm just typing and spouting off the things I have learned in the last year, and trying to show what has and hasn't worked for me in MY AREA. As you will find out, might be way out of line with yours or others here! Ok I'm done now!
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    Thanks for the responses...just one more question. When selling your service to a customer are you more likely to get that customer to agree to let you cut for the entire season or are most just a one or two time deal. I plan on starting in 2007 with a cutting season of April-October. I want to make sure before I start out that I can count on meeting my goals of 25-35 weekly accounts by mid-May. Is this unrealistic????
  5. Dunn's

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    The 25-35 weekly cuts isn't completely unrealistic. Just don't get too many accounts too fast. The number one failure of any business is too fast of growth. You don't want to get more accounts than you can handle. When someone is scheduled, or if they have a specific day that they want their yard serviced, you need to make sure that you get to them that day, unless there are unseen circumstances like rain or something along those lines. We work on a 28 week cutting season from April to October. Do you have any kind of software that you are using that is helping you with your scheduling and expenses? If not there is a great software that you can purchase online it is called Groundskeeper Pro, you can download a free trial at it is kind of expensive but well worth it. It is helping us out a lot. I hope that you have a lot of luck and that you make it big.
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    You are telling me that you actually go out there and measure an entire yard to estimate how much it would cost to mow. I'd charge $45 just to measure...haha. Seriously though...that takes way to long, look at it, give a price and move on.

    To answer the orginal question I do roughly 10-15 accounts per day depending on how large the lots are, how much trimming is involved and what time I wake up in the morning.
  7. SuperiorLandscapeMgmt.

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    Today one of my 2 man crews did 32 Res. lawns in 9 hrs.
    One man crew can do up to 16 to 18 a day if you actually WORK for a living.
  8. SuperiorLandscapeMgmt.

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    Time is money no time to mearsure a lawn for a mowing contract. Compare the landscape to some of your other accts. to get the price. You should also know how long it should take you to mow it just by looking at it.
  9. Natural Impressions

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    Today one of my 2 man crews did 32 Res. lawns in 9 hrs.
    One man crew can do up to 16 to 18 a day if you actually WORK for a living

    How big are these lawns? I am a one man crew and on and average day with average lawns I do about 12-13 lawns a day....( granted there is a little more driving then I would really want). But I have one day where ever lawn is at least 1 acre and I get about 7 lawns done that day ( 6 at 1 acre, 1 average) and this is done with a 36" & and 48" walk behind.......I really need a rider!!!!:cry: :cry:
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    If you giving prices for other services it is wise to measure. If I know the customer wants nothing more then mowing I will eyeball it. But your still pricing by size and amount of trim right? Measuring just gets you a more accurate number to base other services off of.

    Actually his chart is pretty dead on with what I charge measured or eyeballed.

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