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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ctvalley, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. FYS777

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    25 to 30 in 10 hours yes
  2. ExtExc

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    keep the overhead low in case it doesnt work out
  3. ctvalley

    ctvalley LawnSite Member
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    The problem is, I am too proud for it not to work out. I have done the research and believe I can do it for a season with one unit. Although, I know I'll go loopy by the time I get to October, mowing lawns six days per week.
  4. FYS777

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    mapping routes properly will be the key for efficiency. and being able to do 25 to 30 in 10 hours:clapping::clapping: after looking again you will probably have to work saturday to get all the work done because of the 8 hour two man day on cemataries ,
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  5. MileHigh

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    looks like a large part of your work will be the bank owned homes.

    keep in mind the number of foreclosed properties you handle will be going up or down throughout the season...just the name of the game.

    good money in it...just don't forget to get them there stupid before after and during shots.
  6. grasschopperofchicago

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    I agree and would consider working Sundays...hate to say it, but you will be killing yourself with one crew, scattered and that many accounts, if they are foreclosed homes they are empty, I would also consider working half shifts, with one shift putting in 6 hours and the other guys taking their spots for the rest of day and switch it up, and split up who may work Sundays, and you may be able to just supervise part of Sunday to rest, that is what I would do if I was even considering it honestly or set up a crew just for that and hope you have good help...I couldn't ask my crew to run that way for one season...imo it would show in my good accounts and cost me money down the line
  7. FYS777

    FYS777 LawnSite Silver Member
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    sounds like you may be paying a lot of over time to the crew, did you figure that into your budget, ???
  8. ctvalley

    ctvalley LawnSite Member
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    I did
    seeing as two of us are the owners we will have one other slot inthe truck. I was thinking of splitting it between two workers, to avoid overtime costs. One 40 hours and the other 30 or so hours. It depends on what happens when we start. Thinking we will have to adjust on the fly.
  9. FYS777

    FYS777 LawnSite Silver Member
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    sounds good,
  10. Escapeslawncare

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    When I worked for my cousin and his son we did 187 lawns .85 of an acre in two day 7am to 8:30 no lunch no dinner no breaks just ball to the wall, He was a real hard ass, made us crap in a bucket in the trailer.

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