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how many ?


LawnSite Senior Member
the average subdivision yards in my area are 100x200.
how many could you do solo with a 60"great dane chariot and
a 36"snapper gear drive per day?
most just have a few small trees.
most dont have fences.
maybe 5 minutes of drive time to and from each lawn.
im not in the business yet.will start in spring full time.
those are the mowers that i have now to work with.
i have talked to people and they say they pay $35.00 per
cutt.how much would you charge?

SJR Lawncare

LawnSite Senior Member
If they are paying $35/cut, then go for $35/cut. Dont try for $25/cut, because you dont want to underprice your work when you are worth more than that.


1st impressions

LawnSite Member

Working solo I think I could get 1 house done every 1/2 hour. (wide open houses only)I would definitely try to stay with the wide open lots so you can put that Great Dane to

If you get two houses next door to each other that are the
same size but one has a fence, the guy with the fence is not
going to want to pay more than his neighbor.He knows the lot
size is the same and the fact that he has a fence is not
going to change is mind.If you take on this man`s yard expect to take 50% longer.

If the homeowners are the ones telling you what they pay, I
would stay as close to that number as you can.(assuming you
trust what they are telling you).


LawnSite Gold Member
stanfield nc
If this is all you want .Im older so
about 12 a day 5 days a week . Man Id love it.
30-35 . Try to get them in bunches and your numbers
go way up.