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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Mid Rivers, Feb 20, 2001.

  1. Mid Rivers

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    ;)How many times can you sharpen blades? Can a slightly bent blade be straightened? How important is balancing a blade? What will happen if you don't? What is a good way to balance a blade? Lots of questions huh! Thanks in advance.:)
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    You can sharpen blades until you run out of steel.
    It,s better to buy a new blade,instead of trying to straighten one out.
    Blade balancing is very important.You will prematurely wear out your spindles if you don't.
    Spend $1 on a balancer,or hang it from a nail.
  3. TLS

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    Mid Rivers,

    You can probably sharpen almost 1/2" off of a blade until its life is finished. However, this is usually severly shortened for me by hitting "something" and gouging it beyond repair. Also, the very end, tip of cutting edge must be maintained as close to 90 degrees as possible. Once the edge starts to round back towards the lift wing, the cutting ability and cutting width of the actual blade is diminished. This happens because the tip is what actually does the cutting. It is also the first thing to contact "non movable objects" and gouge or bend. When its time to resharpen, you will notice that the tip of the edge is noticabally duller than the rest of the cutting edge.

    Throw away bent blades. Blades are cheap and not worth repairing.

    I use a Magna-Matic dedicated blade balancer ($160 delivered to your home tax free) They use super accurate precision bearings. You can affix a blade, give it a good spin, and come back 5 minutes later and its still spinning!! I previously used the "nail in the wall" and econo cone balancers. I noticed far less vibrations after switching to the Magna-Matic. If you dont balance, you are asking for trouble. Harmonic vibrations do damage to more areas on a mower than you think.

    Hope this helps.
  4. Scraper

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    I don't know about spending $160 for a blade balancer...the cones work pretty darn good in my view. Have only used them and have never had any problems. Although it does sound cool...I could go buy nearly 4 sets of blades for that.

    P.S. should be paying PA use tax on that if you didn't get charged sales tax from where you got it.
  5. TLS

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    Thats what I thought...until I saw one. Very high quality. I can take a "balanced" blade from a cheapo cone style balancer and make you blush by how far "out" it is. It comes with a tracking arm which checks for a bent blade as well. How many sets of spindles can you buy for $160 ?? Every bearing and bushing on your machine is affected by harmonics. Wheel bearings to engine bearings.

    Your technically right about the tax, I SHOULD pay it. But if you can pay the $9.60 for me!! E-mail me for my mailing address!! LOL

    Technically, I can say that I bought it to sell it to someone else, therefore eliminating initial sales tax.

  6. Scraper

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    Just hope you don't get audited...I'm sure you wrote it off as an expense...they do check those things. To each their own. ;)'d still be responsible for tax.

    P.S. I don't keep a mower long enough for that type of long term problem to be a I'll stick with the cone style...even though it sounds like it would be a neat conversation piece for my coffee table.
  7. Mid Rivers

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    Thanks for the replies, I have one more question. If a blade isn't balanced how do you balance it? Grind more off (sounds like you could chase that one for a long time)? Add weights as is done on a car (do they fall off)? I really appreciate the input. Dixie, where does one get the balancer that you are speaking of? All save the tax issue for later. We know the Gov. doesn't get enough of our money;)

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  8. TLS

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    To balance, you simply sharpen the heavy side. After a few tries, you can get a "feel for it" and estimate how many passes it will take to balance it out. The tracking arm is, like I said, a real nice added feature. They look like they will last forever as there is only one moving part, so I look at it as an investment.

    As for Magna-Matic, their web site is: or 1-800-328-1110 you want a MAG-1000.

    No, I am not affilliated with this company, I just beleive in spreading the word about a good product that has saved me time and money.
  9. Mid Rivers

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    Thanks for the info and the Web site.

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