How much additional time on first Mowing

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Meier, Mar 31, 2003.

  1. Meier

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    I've figured out that I am spending 1-1/2 to 3 times as long on a lawn the first time I mow them as I spend on the third mowing. I'm finding that about after the 3rd mowing, it starts to be profitable. But the first mowing or two are going really slow for me.

    I guess this is normal. Any comments?

    DFW, TX
  2. Gr grass n Hi tides

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    Same here, man. Getting the lawns wired takes a time or two. I mowed the vacant lot next to me a couple of times in addition to my yard just to get practice. The office building property I cut today took me a fraction of the time it use to.
  3. bastalker

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    Definately a learning curve. Ya gotta watch out for them blade chippers in the yard the first time. Once you know the yard, its all down hill after that.

    You wont drive down a winding road at 100mph until you have driven it at least once.;) :D
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    Yeah no foolin dude.

    First time lawns are basicly break even for me. I just do a super complete job and then the service agreement is in the bag.

    There will always be the "one timer" but it all works out in the end.
  5. Its just better to charge for a "Spring Cleanup." Existing customers should already know its going to take much longer (cost more) than normal. If a new customer doesn't understand that or just isn't willing to pay, then you're not going to get burned by refusing the job.

    I've yet to meet a "good" customer that wasn't willing to pay extra for a cleanup. But about 1/2 of the one's that promised I'd have the weekly account if I'd just do the cleanup at regular price, ended up to be lying.
  6. brucec32

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    Yep, I avoid cleanups like the plague. I quoted one recently that was a wreck that obviously hadn't been touched in a long time. They always say they will want the regular maintenance, because that's what they know you want to hear. This one even offered to cut the back yard herself, "it's so small, I can do it". Yeah, right. Like you have time to cut for 5 minutes but not 10 more minutes for the front. BS. I noted the pile of newspapers sitting in the drive (too lazy to pick them up!) and that was enough for me. I called and told her I would do the maintenance mowing but not the cleanup.

    I charge an extra charge for lawns that are not up to current standards (need extra edging, etc) . It weeds out the one-timer-only liars who just want their lawn neglect fixed for the price of a regular mowing.

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