How much are you guys getting?

Discussion in 'Sports Field Management' started by ScottsQLS, Feb 13, 2007.

  1. ScottsQLS

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    Hey guys I recently heard about a government contract that a local city sends out form here and the only thing you have to do is mow a couple parks and some lots. Just wondering what others are getting for this type of work? How much an acre?
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    I have 1 city contract and 1 school district with everything but the baseball fields and foot ball field the coaches take care of that and I bid it on a per man hr bases works for me but evrybody to thier own way of doing things . Twj
  3. jlouki01

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    I just bid on a pretty large city contract 400k+ and it ranged anywhere from 20-30.00/acre. Normally I charge 40ish for an acre res/comm. I came up with 20-30 based on prior year's bid tabulation they provided.

    Just be prepared for them to take the lowest bid. Don't think for a second they want quality. it's a lowest bid wins sort of a thing. If you are dumb enough to bid 5.00 / year they will take it and hold you to it:) They could care less if you make money.

    Be careful.
  4. oldturf

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    You will probably have to register with the city in order to get approved for their bid list. Last year we had one bidder go as low as $16.00 per acre on a 250 acre park. He got it and gave up after the first year and its out for bid again. We get 5 year contracts because the equipment requirement is so expensive that you have to have long contracts to make that kind of commitment. I have 540 acres to mow for right around $30.00 per acre and had to buy an $80,000.00 mower just to qualifie for the bid. Most of the bids come in around $20.00 to $30.00 an acre. You can go online and find the past quotes for the city as they are part of the public record, If you can't find them then call the city purchasing department and they will tell you.
    Good Luck, it is a tough game you are wanting in.
  5. jlouki01

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    I noticed that with this contract too. 3 year deal they did an equip. inspection etc. I started calling around some of the companies on the prior contracts bid tabulation and noticed some of them didn't make it or just plain gave up.

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