How much are your employees worth?

Discussion in 'Employment' started by britsteroni, Oct 23, 2007.

  1. britsteroni

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    As I have been researching the pay of employees via lawnsite for landscaping work (all levels of knowlege, education, etc.), I am left wondering if some of the info on here is accurate.

    I personally have come to a dillemma. I hate working in an office and that is what I am faced with after graduation. I have already been offered a management position within the company that I work for right now and my older brother has promised me a job within his financial company for more money than I could have imagined growing up. But would I be happy?

    There has been a thread (I think only one that I have found) asking what certain credentials would be worth, etc.

    In all seriousness, what type of job/pay would this be worth to you.

    -Bachelor's degree in Bus. Administration/Finance. (possible MBA candidate)
    -Owner/Operator of Mowing Company (profit shown after first legit year in business)
    -Crew Foreman for mowing/landscaping company for two years.
    -One summer of work as irrigation tech.
    -Helped sell landscape projects for the same company that I was a foreman for.
    -Slowly learning Spanish (enough known to communicate).
    -Accounting background (through college) to help with billing, payroll, books, etc.

    I could go into more details, but I would honestly consider a move in the right situation.

    My goals would be to increase company bottom line, increase sales, increase professionalism of work force, etc.

    I am not looking for a job, but rather something that could legitimately support my wife and I for quite a few years.

  2. Stillwater

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    You really need to consider starting your own deal up, although you have some marketable experience. The possibilities of getting a pay rate to commensurate with your entire education and experience history as a whole is not impossible "but" unlikely. Put the job discussion aside for a second. Sit down with the wife and hash out your life's goals what will make the family happy in the long run identify moderate and long range goals because these goals are what is truly hinges on long term contentment and happiness not the job. the job is the vehicle that only serves to transport you to your true goals.

    Soon you will be seeing many posters shooting you arbitrary figures are these figures truly useful?, you can also consider going a different way and getting into a large landscape design firm to earn the coin to justify your education. My bottom line......dont work for a landscaper go work for a finance and investment firm.

    Your learning Spanish is of no value to me, English only on the job and any other languages would not be tolerated. your finance edu. is of no value and your sales experience is of no value to me. the most i would pay you to start would be 19.00 - 20.00 with a top end of 22.00
  3. britsteroni

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    Thank you for the sound advice that I have already considered. But it seems that you somewhat contradict yourself. I stated in my initial post that I have good jobs waiting in the finance, banking and management side of business but that didn't make me happy. Then you stated to work for an investment firm after stating to talk to my wife, etc etc.

    "you can also consider going a different way and getting into a large landscape design firm to earn the coin to justify your education." Can you elaborate a little bit more on this for me, I don't think I quite followed your train of thought.

    You see, my ultimate goals in life are what I have posted before very hesitantly on lawnsite. I am an entrepreneur at heart but do not by any means think I know everything I need to know at 22 years old to be able to hack it right now (most succesful entrepreneurs are late 20s early 30s, I think those numbers are of great value). I am looking for a management type job for a few reasons. One, so I can gain experience and see if this industry will be worth a big time business venture in the future. Two, so that my wife and I can have a steady income while she finishes college. Three, I absolutely love this type of work. I don't know why, I just do.

    I think that working for 5 or more years and helping build a company to a lasting level for that company's owner is definately something that someone could atleast talk to me about.

    Maybe something will come up, maybe you are right.

    I do agree that it would have to take one of the few larger companies on lawnsite for me to be of much value.

    I am anticipating reading some of the responses as well.

    I apologize for the long posting.
  4. Stillwater

    Stillwater LawnSite Platinum Member
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    Ya, sorry if I sounded confused I was working on zero hrs. of sleep
  5. The Ripper

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    Send me a PM.
  6. Desertdweller

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    Your young, follow your heart. If you want to give the industry a try go for it. If after 4 or 5 years it isn't what you wanted you're still young and with a degree. I dropped out of college with 3/4 of my Engineering degree done. I did not like the idea of sitting behind a desk in a suit. Almost 30 years later I'm still digging holes. We only do irrigation. I've had my own company many times and worked for guys many times. The top guys here that do irrigation will make 40+ with health ins and a truck plus bonus. Landscaping, lighting knowledge will help make you more valuable also. My best guys all make around $50,000 when you consider bonus. You may not be stinking rich but money will only make you so happy. Follow your dream and don't look back.
  7. nobagger

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    I have learned over the past few years if your passionate about something you will succeed. I know I would be miserable if I didnt do this type of work and yeah its not the best paying gig but some things are worth more than the almighty dollar. It is an expensive business to invest in but that just goes along with it. If I were to start over I would definetely gear more toward landscaping and hardscaping vs. mowing as 85% of our summer work. IMO there is by far more money in "one time" jobs vs. regular weekly appearences.
  8. britsteroni

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    I sent a few PMs to the people who requested them.
  9. kf4pbm

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    Well the way I see it. You can do what you enjoy doing and whatever you make, you make. But you are happy. Or, you can do something that you may not particularly like, make a fortune at it and take time off to do the things that you enjoy. I have met a few people though that have made a fortune at things they once enjoyed and now it doesnt bring as much pleasure anymore. It became a "job".

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