how much are your parents worth to you?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 1MajorTom, Dec 27, 2006.

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    got a call from florida 10 days before christmas. I answered, and the man on the phone said, "this is Donald, and I'm calling from Florida, I want to get my parents a Christmas gift." I said, "ok, what can we do for you?" He says, "well my parents are neighbors of yours, Mr. and Mrs Pitnicky. And they are too old to be cutting the grass anymore, and I would like you guys to start doing it for them, so I thought this would make a nice Christmas gift to them. I'm very concerned about their health, they shouldn't be cutting grass anymore. I also want to hire someone that we can trust, we don't want a stranger on their property." (Both parents are in their late 80's, and are in no condition to be out with a mower, let alone out in the heat of the summer with a mower.) I even told Donald that a few times this summer, Matt had to go over and insist that the old man sit down because he was looking real weak, and actually looked like he might tip over. So Matt finished up the lawn for him on a few separate occasions. The lawn is around 2,000 sq ft, more actual time trimming than cutting, but his parents cut it and trim it weekly. I gave Donald a choice of prepaying for the season, or being billed monthly, and offered to print him up a gift certificate that he could send to his parents since he couldn't make it back for the holidays. He said he would talk it over with his brothers and sisters, since all 5 of them were going to split the cost, and he said he would get back with us. He never called back.
    I based the price on a 30 cut season, $750 bucks, which i told him we would reimburse a small part if prepaid if we ran into a severe drought situaion. divide by 5 kids, and that's a buck and a half a kid for peace of mind for his parents. he declined that peace of mind. how much did he think we were going to charge for a full season? All he wanted was a basic cut and trim, but did he think we would do it for 200 hundred bucks?
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    Quick math in my head....... 5 kids = 5 bux each per cut, sounds good to me especially since its for your parents and if you are truely concerned with their health.

  3. Charles

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    He is probably basing his decision on Florida prices. Which is like comparing night to day to PA prices and the majority of the Country:rolleyes:
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    he probably doesn't have lawn service at all ,the bottom line is the end result is the same. its just we would be closer to 40 cuts. rather than 30 at the same price .
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    Well IMO $25 a cut seems kinda high for 2000 sq ft...

    Still, $750 isn't that much for a whole summer..
  6. Shawns Lawns

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    Was he trying to get your sympathy pricing?:waving:
  7. grandview (2006)

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    I agree with ^^ he's playing the heart strings thought you might say 5.00 per cut.
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    Even though they didn't hire you for the cutting I would go ahead and give them free fert for the year anyway. Use up any urea you have laying around. It's the least you can do.

    Some people are just too cheap. They may call you in the spring it may take awhile to get all siblings to agree to the deal.
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    There's got to be a minimum, a cut off point where you don't go any lower. By the time you drag the mower out, then trim everything up real nice, load back up, it chews up time.
    It's not even that we wanted this account, as we don't want to work for neighbors. But I felt put on the spot, cause I know these neighbors aren't healthy enough to do it themselves. I honestly didn't think he would be worried about the $$$'s, as their parents had bragged to us before that all 5 of their kids all have real good jobs in the corporate world.
  10. JJLandscapes

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    My guess is that he wanted you to cut it for free to be honest or near free

    Maybe his parents abused him as a child and he barely cares for them but doesnt want to see them die behind a lawnmower the possibilities are endless.... no one knows why the price wasnt good for them but the kids

    Im not trying to sound like an as sho le or anything but who cares just treat it like any other cheap customer dont make a big deal.. keep business as business you shouldnt even be thinking about a customer or there personal lives unless you are on the property or you are looking at there past due bill lol jk ( this happens to be your neighbor to so its probably hard if you guys are close but u gotta try)

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