How much better did you do your second year in business compared to your first???

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by BlueGrassBoy, Oct 30, 2012.

  1. RSK Property Maintenance

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    well this will be my second year officially in business. I will have done 5x more sales this year then last, mostly due to the hurricane irene and the fact that i bought a chipper a month after it happened. I guess the test will be if I can retain these sales or even double again or do 1.5x the amount of sales i did this year. 80% of the work I did was chipping jobs, so its not very likely they will call me back and have me do more work for them next year like a lawn customer but it is possible. In order to repeat this years numbers next year i'll need to pick up another 20 weekly lawn accounts maybe even 23. possible but not gonna be easy.
  2. ringahding

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    Knowing what I know very minute...I would have built our website the first year...

    Today...this very minute..the calls are completely overwhelming and I can barely keep up(10 the season).

    When I say we have 100 solid weekly accounts, some may laugh, but most would say "How the hell is your service radius only 9 miles".

    In other words, for the past 10 seasons I have had said NO to an unbelievable amount of properties/jobs. Have actually built GREAT partnerships with several other companies in the same industry by doing so. Passing work to them and vise versa.

    1st season 10 | 2nd season 30 | 3rd season 47

    The phone book is dead...I am telling you that a self hosted website has been a huge contributor to daily, weekly & yearly sales. Being and staying on the first page of a web search for our area is K E Y...

    Of course lettering up your trucks and trailers will open many many eyes too...
  3. BlueGrassBoy

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    How effective have newspapers adds been for your business?
  4. Spring Valley Lawn Service

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    I got into commercial accounts. I got 4 apartment complexes, a school and small factory. I lost several nice residential but it was do to the houses being sold.
  5. cslawnandlandscape

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    Lawn clients almost doubled; I dropped a couple slow payers and will do the same for next season. Large mulch projects I tripled, got into more hardscape projects as well

    Upgrading my equipment for clean ups has turned huge dividends for me so far this Fall so I plan on doing that again with my mowers for the Spring and doubling up on lawn clients
  6. Darryl G

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    My gross income was 70% more my second year compared to my first. My third year was 46% more than my second. My third, fourth and fifth years I actually went backwards a bit, mostly for lack of trying I think.
  7. 4 seasons lawn&land

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    worse actually

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